It’s no secret we are seeking an escape, Fiction nightclub is your knight in shining armour – coming to jazz up your weekends.  The doors have been closed on Academy and a new place to call home will be reopening in the coming months. It’s shape shifting logo tells us no two nights in this new concept club will be the same.

The heart of Canberra will soon welcome a multi-purpose entertainment venue unlike anything we’ve laid our eyes on. Fiction [FCTN] is set to launch at 50 Bunda Street in March, with the mission to reshape your reality. Forget the Murray’s bus to Sydney because the music scene in Canberra is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

It’s housed in an old renovated movie cinema with charismatic industrial décor, designed in a two-tiered basement venue and catering for up to 1000 people. The name Fiction is a play on the old cinema heritage of the building which occupied for over three decades.

This building has always been made to entertain, with Academy Nightclub additionally a predecessor of this building. This new concept, fantasy space unbeknown to Canberra will be told through the narrative of entertainment. FCTN is here to host anything from concerts, club nights, exhibitions, theatre, live art and innovative performances. And, most importantly, fill the void of Canberrans looking for a fun night out.

FCTN is a place to support established talent, nurture emerging artists and propel Canberra’s night-time culture into the limelight. With a strong focus on creative and reliable music entertainment, the space is the quintessential place for discovery.

“We want Fiction to be the region’s most aspirational platforms for Canberra’s music and entertainment lovers,” says FCTN Director, JD Beaumont. ” Entertainment is key to making any city feeling complete, and it encourages more locals to really appreciate their own backyard.”

In cohesion of showcasing Canberra’s full potential, food & drinks menus with be narrated to highlight all the best of the region has to offer under one roof.

“Canberra has to become a buzzing metropolitan city, says Venue Coordinator, Ben Amando. We want people to feel that they won’t have to go to Sydney or Melbourne to get those experiences of a bigger buzzing city, when they can get everything (and more) right where they are, and we want to be the heart and soul of that.”

Pioneering a new era of experience in the Nation’s Capital through flexibility and collaboration – FCTN isn’t your typical nightclub. Instead, this new concept club is looking to reshape both late-night happenings and the local community, right in the centre point of the city. See you at FCTN.