South.Point is consistently evolving, surprising locals everyday with its flourishing food scene. We whirled through the centre with excitement, chasing the scrumptious smell of fresh baked goods to accompany our morning coffees. We found some wonders worth swinging by if you need a sugar hit before facing that long shopping list or gossiping over during a mid-week catch-up.

Brew Bar 

Desserts are more than just desserts at Brew Bar. The café has stood the test of time at South.Point and is well established as ‘the’ place to get breakfast. But don’t let their enticing options disguise the fact that behind all those delicious savoury options on the menu are two cabinets filled with sweet, sweet glory.

You’ll find your classic old-style European desserts such as Cannoli’s – both vanilla and choc filled which allow you to enjoy a little taste of Italy. Anyone wanting a little crunch of something sweet with their coffee should try one of these. The lava cakes are a little more decadent and are best enjoyed warm. You’ll have a difficult time deciding between a cake or one from the array of colourful, frosted donuts waiting to be feasted on.

Brew Bar also has a more meticulous range of dome desserts, they’re veritable works of art which for a moment you’ll feel bad breaking through – until the first taste hits your lips.

 Anketell Street at South.Point 

Brew Bar at South.Point


You may associate Rashays with the feast of a century, but make sure you take a minute (or leave room for) for their desserts! Mud cakes, sticky date puddings, pavlovas and cookies tick off all the classic, only at Rashays they come to your table with an enticing twist.

The cookie is oven baked and served warm in a skillet where the cookie dough is guaranteed sticky and a dollop of ice-cream starts to melt over the top. The cakes are oozing toppings, the pavlova is exploding with seasonal fruit, but the waffle, now that is something to marvel over. The berry waffle has hidden choc chips throughout the Belgium mix, ice-cream, strawberries and blueberries are smothered with a berry compote and the cherry on top is the striking pink cluster of cotton-candy.

 Anketell Street at South.Point 

Rashays at South.Point

Phat Panda

Phat Panda introduced flavours of the East infused with the West (street food style) to South.Point. What they also home is the puff waffle, which is basically the prettiest sundae you can lay eyes on. Here you can get your puff waffle in both choc or vanilla, a recipe which took almost a year to perfect promising the perfect density and crunch.

Each cone comes with as many toppings as you want – this is where things get really exciting. Go safe with your go-to gelato flavours (courtesy of Pure Gelato) or opt for a flavour which is vibrant and will get you way more likes on Instagram such as green tea, taro or black sesame. Whichever you choose, be sure to coat with a Hershey’s sauce and top with something tasty like sprinkles or cookies.

Target entrance at South.Point 

Stop in at South.Point if you’re feeling sweet and need something to match your mood, take a few treats home to surprise the family – or leave them as your little secret.

Anketell Street, Greenway.

Phat Panda at South.Point