Want to experience a movie with the added joy of seeing it under the stars? Sunset Cinema provides a magical opportunity to immerse yourself in a film inside the beauty of the National Botanic Gardens.

Sure, you can watch a movie indoors with zero chance of mozzies, prep work or waiting for dusk – but the Sunset Cinema creates a magic glow of projected light against the twilight sky, as well as allowing you to feel immersed in the elements of nature. The natural bush amphitheatre provides the perfect backdrop, with enough space for a social and interactive movie-going experience.

This is absolutely worth doing at least once and is surely one of the best date nights you will find in Canberra. If you have an upcoming film on your list which you’re looking to see soon, check out the Sunset Cinema website and see if it’s playing. A bit of advice before going, check beforehand what time the sun sets, as the film begins on the last light of day. Also – grab a lounge chair, you won’t regret it. The whole point of the event is comfort and luxury, so why settle for less than the best?

Food and drinks are available with lovely stadium smells of chips and hotdogs around the garden, which neatly tie together a blend of nature and occasion. A range of Western Australian brand MadFish wines along with 4 Pines craft beer are available and both brands compliment the night’s theme of relaxation. I’ll put it this way – it would be hard to not enjoy this event.

As we started to settle in once the film began, I heard gasps around me and saw heads turn skyward as a flock of bats flew through the trees above. A Tim Burton picture is always going to have elements of supernatural and spookiness to it and this was wonderfully amplified by these special occurrences of nature and atmosphere.

The most magical part of the evening for me however, was being able to look up from the film and witness stars unabsorbed by city lights. It’s truly something special.

Sunset Cinema is the essential summer event. Movies, people, food and drinks under the stars, what more do you need?