October 15 has now become a very exiting date for many Canberrans, especially our friends in the hospitality industry. If you’re wondering what exactly this means for dining out in the next two month, here is the rundown of how hospo will be reopening in the ACT.


From 15th October

  • Licensed venues, cafes and restaurants for seated service. Max 25 people across venue or 1 per 4 sqm indoors. Businesses can have max 50 people or 1 per 4 sqm if outdoors only. Not both.
  • Gaming, gambling and wedding venues can operate with capacity of 25 people or density of 1 per 4 sqm, whichever is less.
  • Accommodation outlets such as Hotels can reopen.

From 29th October

  • Licensed venues, cafes and restaurants can operate with max 25 people across the venue before density limits apply. Over 25 people: indoor 1 per 4 sqm or max 100; outdoor 1 per 2 sqm or max 150
  • This also applies to
    • Weddings
    • Gambling and Gaming venues
    • Funeral

Ticketed and seated events:

  • Outdoor events can have up to 500 people
  • Indoor with fixed seating 75% capacity up to 500 people
  • Indoor with infixed seating 1 per sqm, capacity up to 150 people


OIC recommends…

  • make bookings early! (there will most likely be two hour seatings)