Cupcake Day falls in the sweetest month of the year – not just because of the baking, eating and socialising, but because it helps the thousands of animals that RSPCA ACT rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes each year.

Who knew that a $2 cupcake could make such a significant impact in the lives of animals in our community?

Every cupcake sold is another wound wrapped, a kennel cleaned. It’s expert behavioural training to some of their most heartbreaking cases. With each cupcake sold, you’re literally changing a life.

They’re hoping to raise $100,000, and at $2.00 a cupcake, the Canberra community can help bake 50,000 goods this August and September to reach the target.

Although the official Cupcake Day was on Monday, you can host your event anytime throughout the month. Register at for a host pack to help you organise your day.