Stuck in the 90s? Two acts from the golden age of your musical youth are coming to the capital to quench your alt-rock thirst!

With a knack for combining euphoria and melancholy, beloved US rockers The Lemonheads and Veruca Salt are teaming up for the only double-header in the list of sideshows planned during their 2018 A Day On The Green appearances.

Canberra audiences will have the chance to see both bands live at Canberra Theatre Centre on Wednesday 28 February.

Named for the mischievous and spoiled brat in Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Veruca Salt emerged onto the alt-rock scene in early nineties Chicago. The four-piece signed to Geffen Records (home of Nirvana) and played on bills alongside the likes of Hole, Weezer, Dinosaur Jr and PJ Harvey. Their signature hits Volcano Girls and Seether are pure 90s fare and helped to propel them to one of the most loved rock acts of the 90s.

After breaking up in 1998, the original line-up – Nina Gordon, Louise Post, Jim Shapiro and Steve Lack – re-formed in 2013 and were warmly welcomed back on stage. In 2015 they released their fifth studio album Ghost Notes, the first to feature the band’s original line-up since 1997’s Eight Arms To Hold You.

Evan Griffith Dando formed The Lemonheads with two high school buddies in late winter ‘86, in their senior year at Boston’s tiny Commonwealth School. A few months later they spawned what is now one of the most sought-after punk relics of the 80s and 90s.

Having shifted millions of records and landed in the soundtracks of countless lives, The Lemonheads have been revered since their popularity reached mainstream, crazy, Hollywood fever-pitch in the early 90s. Always a band of volatile line-ups, the constant shifting of membership has never prevented the act from consistently releasing challenging, genre-bending alt rock records.

Later LP releases include 2006’s self-titled LP (out via Vagrant Records), recorded and written with legendary Descendants drummer Bill Stephenson, and Varshons, their 2009 covers LP.

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