After sending a call out on social media to locals to help them define Canberra through taste, Florence Gelato has unveiled its Canberra-flavoured ice cream.

Introducing The CBR: Crunchy Berry Ripple. While suggestions ranged from Bubblegum – a reference to our ‘Canberra bubble’ and Rocky Road to match our potholes, co-owner Matteo Sassi was inspired to create a complex flavour combination.

When broken down, each flavour of the gelato reflects the essence of the city. Starting with vanilla as the base, it was a popular suggestion as Canberra is often characterised as bland (a very unfair suggestion we might add). Another common answer was wattleseed, as a nod to the wattle trees that are symbolic of Canberra and so it was also added. Then, macadamias, a nut native to Queensland to represent all those who have come from other places to make Canberra their home.

While the gelato has a creamy, nutty base, like Canberra owners say there is much more to it than meets the eye, adding a brittle of caramelised local honey and sweet swirls of raspberry coulis.

“We wanted to incorporate some crunch to symbolise the less-loved parts of Canberra (roundabouts, property prices and politicians), with sweet and tangy raspberry representing the gooey adoration that many Canberrans have for the wonderful parts of our city (our short commutes, lovely lakes, and great community),” says Matteo.

“We hope that locals and visitors alike come to taste The CBR for themselves.”

The CBR: Crunchy Berry Ripple flavour will be on sale as a limited-edition item from 9am Saturday 10 February at Florence Gelato in Belconnen’s Capital Food Market.

Visit Florence Gelato’s Instagram for more.