Ever find that winter in Canberra ruins your night life? When the temperature starts dipping into those negative numbers most would rather relax wrapped up in a blanket, then brave the freezing streets bar hopping.  Even though the calendar says we have a little time to go before Winter, the Canberra tale is that once Anzac Day comes around it’s smarter to stay indoors. We are here to tell you that just cause its cold, doesn’t mean you can’t still party!

So here are some cocktail recommendations to get you through this frigid winter, cause the Starks are always right and Winter is coming!

Starting off with something a little more basic but an all-time classic, we’ve mulled wine.  While not what many people would expect when they hear the word ‘cocktail’, mixing red wine with classic spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, this hot drink is the perfect combination of sugar and spice.

Next up we have the hot apple pie.  There are so many variations on this drink and it often depends on the quirks of who is making it, but it always combines those flavours that you would expect from a warm apple pie dessert.

Last up we have The Zombie, I know what you’re thinking: ‘that drink is full of crushed ice, why would I possibly want that when it’s -3?!’  And you would be correct, while not something you would typically link with winter, being lit on fire for the finishing touches of the drink makes you feel warm just looking at it, and if that doesn’t work the 4 shots of rum in it will.