Ahead of school holidays, Metaphysica has just launched! Canberra’s only virtual reality escape rooms. Across the globe escapes rooms are on trend, in fact people go crazy for them. Fast-forwarded you’re suddenly a detective and for a moment you’ve forgotten you work a regular 9-5 public service job. It’s the thrill of the mission, the test on relationships and the satisfaction when you crack the code.

The latest iteration which has popped up in Canberra is the VR version. It’s still collaborative, get in teams of 3 or 6 if you want to time challenge each other in adjacent rooms and experience the thrill of the escape a little differently.

“Virtual Reality allows you to do really interesting things from an escape room perspective. You can break things, play with dangerous stuff like fire and electricity, and even mess with time and perspective. It’s really fun and something most people would never have experienced before,” says CEO and Co-Founder Shannon Pickles.

Each team is equipped with the latest in virtual reality technology and transported into amazing new worlds where you mcuh solve a variety of challenges, puzzles, and riddles to complete your adventure.

The rooms are family-friendly and appropriate for kids from around 10 upwards.

With events back on the scene, this is an incredible way to team build after spending so long working from home. Make up for special events you didn’t get to celebrate. Take a fun night out and kick your partners butt in an escape room!

You’ll find this new entertainment located at 30 Kemble Court Mitchel with free parking. Pricing is $45 per person, with discounts for larger bookings.