Whether you like them steamed, fried or in soup, with meat, seafood or veggies, here are our top picks in Canberra for a good ol’ piping-hot dumpling. Enjoy.


Delivering heartfelt Taiwanese and Japanese fusion cuisine, have you tried White Chaco’s soup dumplings? One of their signature dishes, the extremely juicy dumplings are served with ginger, toasted seaweed and ruby vinegar. While you’ll want to go in with a huge mouthful, be careful as these babies are hot!


Vibrant, flavoursome and adorable dumplings and gyozas come out of the Lazy Su kitchen, daily. Asian fusion at heart, try your hand at non-traditional flavours such as spicy prawn and bacon or agedashi and “beef” mince, with the most delectable sauce to soak them up.


Filling gorgeous little dumplings with duck, chicken and prawn or a vegan mix, Akiba‘s selection is the perfect group starter. Taste how the humble dumpling is transformed, with punchy flavours from chilli crunch, black vinegar and ginger, and Peking duck.


Presenting a modern take on Pan-Asian cuisine, OHNO! messes with the classics in the best way. Seafood, meat and veggie, find dumplings and gyozas on the menu, with lobster and scallop, and tofu and mushroom ordered amongst most tables!


Hello dumpling heaven! If you’re in the mood for a dumpling banquet, consider your needs served at Dumpling Social. Whatever your preference, flavour, shape or sauce, they promise the perfect mouthful.


Warm your soul with pure goodness dumplings from Lanterne Rooms. Seafood wontons in a beautifully light tomato consommé with basil oil is the perfect way to spark some life back into you after being out in the cool Canberra weather.

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