Canberra latin ska/reggae group Los Chavos are set to launch the first single from their second LP.

Joined by locals East Row Rabble and Sydney’s Brother Brad, the launch night at The Polish Club on Friday 22 June will also see the premiere of the song’s music video.

I Wanna is the first single from the forthcoming LP which has been four years in the making and sees the local urban latin band go back to their ska/rock inspirations.

A sweet bolero lullaby opens the song, before a blast of psychedelic ska hits. The single sees front man Andy Jauregui singing in English and features rap vocals midway through from MC HouseMouse, before venturing into psychedelic territory with a blistering guitar solo from Matthew Lustri.

Always a crowd pleaser when played live, the song’s lyrics are a life-affirming anthem.

“It’s about following your dreams through the pressures of self-judgement and risk of rejection – living boldly and proudly but never losing your sense of innocent mischief and play,” says MC HouseMouse.

Los Chavos has been playing in Canberra for more than a decade and are proud to be on the vanguard of original urban latin music in Australia.

They released their debut EP in 2008 – a tight testament to their live sound and their unique vision – before releasing their debut album SuperMeng in 2012. A significant development of their live performances, the album showcased the band’s signature energy coupled with complex arrangements and a variety of Afro-Latin rhythms such as cumbia, dub/reggae, merengue, timba and chakarera but never straying too far from their ska/reggae roots.

The new LP to be released in late 2018 sees Los Chavos experiment with different rhythms in addition to more songs in English and a renewed focus on the electric guitar.