What’s better than beef jerky? How about craft beer flavoured beef jerky!

Local business Jono’s Jerky has partnered with three prominent Canberra breweries to create a range of flavours for the Craft Beer Series, which will be introduced to Canberrans at the 2018 Canberra Craft Beer and Cider Festival.

The flavours are Bentspoke Brewing Co.’s Craftshaft IPA & Cajun BBQ, Capital Brewing Co.’s Evil Eye Red IPA with roasted red peppers, and Pact Beer Co.’s Brickworks Brown Ale with maple & brown sugar.

Jono’s Jerky has operated in Canberra for the past two years and has been a popular snack choice for the region’s craft beer drinkers.

Owner of Jono’s Jerky, Jonathon Painting, attributes the craft beer connection to two things.

“Craft drinkers often demand more flavour, which is just one of the things that sets Jono’s apart from other jerky products,” Jono said.

“Secondly, craft beer drinkers are no strangers to experimentation. For example, our Massaman beef flavoured jerky is anything but traditional, but it flies off the shelves in Canberra’s craft beer bottle shops. This made the decision to make a flavour range with some of Canberra’s most popular beers an easy one.”

The support from the breweries, retailers and popular craft beer venues has been encouraging.  There will be a limited initial release of 600 bags of each of the craft beer flavours.

From Friday 23 March the flavours will be available from selected bars and bottle shops as well as online at www.jonosjerky.com.au, while on Saturday 24 March the flavours will be available at the Canberra Craft Beer and Cider Festival.