If you’re on top of what’s hip in Canberra, you’d be well aware that Lonsdale Street is the epicentre of everything that’s cool about our Nation’s Capital.

But, just a hop, skip, and a jump (literally) from Lonsdale Street is Hannara Korean BBQ in Moore Street, a relatively new restaurant, that will soon be adding something special to Canberra’s bustling food scene.

From July 23rd, the restaurant will officially launch the revamped all you can eat Korean Buffet for $39, which means you can enjoy an unlimited quantity of 10 hot and 15 cold bar dishes.

Having only previously tried Korean BBQ a handful of times, I was keen to indulge myself in the full menu at Hannara’s recent soft launch of the new buffet.

It’s fair to say the menu will put you in a food coma. For those who don’t like sharing this is the place for you, and as local food blogger, Erna Glassford showed me, this menu can be versatile.

One of the great joys of this experience is being able to pick out your meat, cook it on your hotplate and top it with a combination of sauces. I won’t spoil too much of the menu, but the Bulgogi and Korean Fried Chicken were divine.

There is a certain warmth that I get from hearing the words ‘all you can eat’, and it’s clear Hannara’s Owner and Head Chef Allan Kim is trying to bring his passion to his latest creation.

“A lot of the challenges I’ve faced have come through trial and error. Finding out what is popular and what doesn’t work,” Mr Kim said.

“As the owner and chef doing the cooking, it is easy to listen and adapt the menu. Spicier, sweeter or crispier! It is a consistent process, and feedback has lead us to think that having Canberra’s only all you can eat Korean buffet is what will make our guests the happiest.

“With Korean BBQ you don’t just get dinner, on the table barbecues you can provide your own show. The barbecues are a lot of fun especially with the unlimited amount of different sauces, meat and seafood that is available.

“We expect people will love the variety of dishes. Buffet and luxury go hand in hand, and we think people will love enjoying as much mouth-watering food as they can.”

Despite being out of the centre of the city where finding a park can be notoriously tricky, Hannara is just a short walk away from parking spots at Marcus Clarke Street and Cooyong Street.

Mr Kim is hopeful Canberrans will take to the new menu, which coincidentally drops the same day as the return of students for the second semester at the Australian National University, if my experience was anything to go by, Hannara won’t have any trouble getting Canberrans through the doors each night.