At Walt & Burley – located on the north-western edge of Kingston Foreshore – it’s hard to imagine a better place to enjoy a breakfast. As the early morning light decorates Lake Burley Griffin in rich yellow hues, the bustling precinct is filled with the sounds of people eating, exercising and enjoying the surrounding open spaces.

With a new menu, Walt & Burley presents a mix of classics matched with more contemporary fare. Looking through the options available, there is plenty of room for all appetites and tastes: from sweet to savoury and from a snack to a feast.

For those who might have just wandered in from a walk or ride around the lake, the Muesli Jar is another virtuous addition to the day. Packed with all the good things in life, such as natural yoghurt and a passionfruit coulis, the addition of mixed berries and crunchy, fresh muesli creates layer upon layer of flavour and texture.

The next stop on the road to breakfast indulgence might be the Smoked Salmon Rosti Stack. The potato is much lighter than you might expect, and provides a perfect foil for the flavoursome salmon. For a zesty tang, generous lashings of dill-infused crème fraîche add a smooth richness that bathes the inside of your mouth with delicious sensations. The plate is beautifully dressed with fresh baby spinach and more than a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, showing a level of care that breakfast dishes don’t often receive.

Burley Breakfast Burger is essentially a trifecta of ingredients that are great for breakfast: crispy bacon, tomato and a fried egg. Stack all that together, add some lettuce sauce, and throw it into a milk bun, and you’ve got a delicious burger that is easily more than a sum of its parts.

Sometimes, though you simply want to return to the Aussie favourites. The Eggs Benedict is served with bacon, and does everything it should: fresh eggs bursting with deep orange yolks, crispy bacon filling the air with amazing aromas, and a Hollandaise sauce that slowly seeps into the toast, perfect for mopping up the amazing flavours that spread across the plate as you attack it with ravenous fervour.

There’s a range of seating options – both indoor and outdoor – that allow you to enjoy Walt & Burley regardless of the weather. With large floor-to-ceiling-windows, the uninterrupted view across the city’s beautiful lake is the perfect setting to start your day.