For all the times when the menu is too overwhelming, for when you just can’t decide, or if the group is too big or conversation is too good, put your trust in the chef and experience a ‘feed-me’ menu showcasing the highlights of the restaurant. Easy, delicious and guaranteed more bang for your buck!


An Asian fusion restaurant with food, cocktails and vibes as bright as its neon lights, Akiba is the place to go for platters of baos and bowls of dumplings, especially when it all comes in their feed-me set menu. While it may be street food style at heart, the explosion of flavours and excellent care in the kitchen takes it up a notch. Designed to share, the feed-me menu showcases the most popular dishes on the menu. From kingfish sashimi, pork belly bao, prawn & chicken dumplings, and beef short rib, you’ll be licking your fingers and battling with chopsticks for the last bite! With eight heavenly dishes coming your way, you can rest assured your tummy will be full and happy too.

Price: $60-75pp

OutInCanberra says: No meal from Akiba is complete without sake! Ask to see their sake cart and pick from an extensive range of flavours.  


Continuing to push the boundaries with fun Asian fusion dishes and showing us time and time again how good vegan food can taste, Lazy Su is pretty hard to beat! Known for their wagyu cheeseburger spring rolls, prawn & bacon wontons, kimchi fried rice and fruity cocktails, expect to try Asian-style combinations you never thought possible, but just work. While their regular and vegan set menu often changes, at least one of their crowd-pleasing dishes always remains, warming your heart every time you sit down for another meal.

Price: $59-62pp

OutInCanberra says: FYI, once you get a taste of the wagyu cheeseburger spring rolls, there’s no going back.


When we say feed-me, we quite literally mean that when it comes to Mu Omakase. ‘Omakase’ meaning ‘I’ll leave it up to you’, the traditional Japanese dining experience sees guests completely entrust the chef with the entire menu of 12 courses in an intimate, personal setting. While this set menu experience is on the pricier side, it is extremely unique and one you must try to taste authentic Japanese cuisine you won’t find anywhere else in Canberra.

Price: $185pp

OutInCanberra says: Before or after dinner drinks are a must in the beautiful adjoining venue, Cicada Bar.


Presenting a modern take on Pan-Asian cuisine, OHNO! is your fun, loud and ever-so-tasty dinner for two, gals night out and family dinner location. Messing with the classics in the best way, when dining at OHNO! the only way to properly experience the menu is by ordering a bunch of dishes to share, incoming the feed-me menu. Featuring crowd-pleasing dishes like tempura eggplant, pork wontons and Taiwanese noodles, essential try the ‘best-of’ the menu.

Price: $70pp

OutInCanberra says: Operating has part restaurant, part bar, the cocktail menu has been geared up to elevate the meal or stand alone. So regardless you might be inclined to ditch the wine for this one.


Bringing traditional flavours from the humming streets of Thailand and Laos, and giving it a unique modern twist, Zaab’s intense, fiery and creamy flavours certainly pack a punch! Expect Thai favourites such as massamun beef curry and satay chicken, while also dabbling in the unexpected, through the scallop ceviche and ox tongue skewers. Taking you through an exciting variety of flavours, Zaab’s feed-me menu gives you a delicious complete meal. 

Price: $59-85pp

OutInCanberra says: We suggest going through their signature cocktail list as the night goes on. Not only are they refreshing, but when the food gets a little too spicy, they are the perfect accompaniment.

EightySix North

A fast-paced restaurant where elegance meets contemporary Australian cuisine, Eightysix‘s menu uplifts some of your favourite ingredients and dishes to create something truly remarkable. Regularly changing the a la carte menu, the tasting menu also gets a bit of a changeover. However, you can still expect the crowd-favourite black chicken firmly placed on the menu, along with the banoffee pie making a regular appearance.

Price: $100pp

OutInCanberra says: The tasting menu always includes two desserts and for good reason!


Regularly experimenting with new ways to present vegetarian cuisine, Monster Kitchen and Bar‘s artful restaurant and food attempts to persuade us to a more plant-based way of eating. Techniques and dishes we know and love such as tartare, flan and steak have been transformed into incredible dishes using bush tomato, edamame, and cauliflower. Giving you the full veggie experience, try the set menu and go on a meat-free tour.

Price: $85pp

OutInCanberra says: Vegetarian or not, this is a must-try foodie experience in Canberra.


The king of surprises, Pilot offers a seven-course degustation menu that is only revealed once it is placed in front of you. Changing frequently, dine with them if you like a little excitement and are prepared to experiment and try new flavours through complex dishes. Experimenting with seasonal produce, the modern Australian dishes attempt to bring out nostalgia in guests. 

Price: $150pp

OutInCanberra says: Spend an extra $60 and try the non-alcoholic drinks pairing with the menu.


The famous Nikkei cuisine, marrying Peruvian cuisine with Japanese techniques is a must-try culture combination served at Inka. If you’re new to the fresh and vibrant nature of Peruvian food, there is no better way to experience it than through the tasting menu. Enjoying nine of their incredible dishes, try the traditional ceviche, guacamole with plantains, prawn taco and more!

Price: $95-130pp

OutInCanberra says: Make sure you leave room for the chocolate fondant with warm miso and ice cream, it’s every sweet tooth’s dream.


Working predominantly with flame, Terra takes BBQ up a notch. Hitting off every main cut, try rotisserie-style roast chicken, wood-fired chashu pork belly, smoked beef brisket, chargrilled wagyu scotch fillet, and wood-fired bonito fillet, with equally comforting sides. Offering a feed-me menu for those who love a protein-rich meal, essentially get the ‘best-of’ the menu.

Price: $93pp

OutInCanberra says: Despite meat playing a large role, don’t underestimate the seafood dishes.

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