ANU’s old Union Court has a new name, following a special ceremony at the Canberra institution.

Representatives of the ACT’s four Indigenous communities have come together at The Australian National University (ANU) to present the University with the name for its new precinct.

The Elders have gifted the name “Kambri” to ANU, to honour the University’s new central meeting place opening in 2019 to replace the old Union Court.

ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt AC said the gift reflected the University’s commitment to being a place that honours Australia’s Indigenous heritage.

“For thousands of years, Aboriginal people came together, shared stories and learnt at the places we now call ANU and Sullivans Creek,” he said.

“Kambri will be a meeting place like no other in the world, providing a space for Indigenous culture to live within the social fabric of ANU and the greater Canberra community.”

The new precinct aims to create a new hub for the ANU community, including living, learning, cultural and social facilities.