If you’ve ever woken up craving some delicious Asian infused dishes from XO in Narrabundah, you’ll be happy to hear that their creators have finally opened the doors of the highly anticipated restaurant, Morning Glory.

Taking over the A. Baker space, MG channels their love for flavour experimentation combined with exceptional service to provide unforgettable daylight dining.

Situated in New Acton, their all-day and take-away menus draw on their team’s experiences of growing up in Australian and across South East Asia. Enjoy childhood favourites such as egg soldiers and granola or dive into the tantalising black sesame waffles or Vietnamese inspired bhò kho casarecce.

Wake up with some of the world’s most lively coffee blends, enjoy one of the many house-made juices as a pick-me-up or ease into the afternoon with one of their unique cocktails such as the cold brew, bourbon and chai ‘Café Toddy’.

We went and tried their menu which is full of welcomed surprises. The soldiers with boiled eggs is hard to look by, though I wanted to try something with Asian flair on my first encounter at the new hot-spot. After sharing five menu items our top picks were the Xiu Mai, chicken and veal meatballs, tomato sugo, tofu and egg, which reminded me of an Asian spiced version of a shakshuka. Also, the Terung Burger is possibly the best breakfast burger i’ve had to date! Melt in your mouth eggplant, spicy sambol, halloumi and cos lettuce are a magical mix.

The only let down was that my fave dish from XO – the Asian spag-bowl – wasn’t utilised in a jaffle from, but hey it’s day one and who knows what the future holds (hint, hint).

If you haven’t fallen in love yet, you can scroll their menu and find your next favourite dish or make a booking here.

You’ll be leaving satisfied.