Mawson is now home to the first all-you can-eat Okami restaurant, a Japanese venue offering over 30 traditional dishes just $36.80 per person. While Canberra has a range of high-end Japanese restaurants including Inka, Raku, Iori, Lilotang and more, Okami is a place to gather with family friends around affordable banquet-style Japanese cuisine.

You won’t need to fight your way through a buffet though, Okami is made to order and served to the table. The menu is designed with sharing in mind so you can taste as many dishes your appetite desires.

The menu includes an indulgent beef carpaccio that is lightly seared, crunchy Karaage chicken, crispy yet silky Agadashi Tofu with fish flakes and soybean. There’s also freshly sliced sashimi and sushi platters, crumbed Chicken Katsu with a Tonkatsu sauce and ‘Takoyaki’, crispy octopus balls served with a tangy wasabi mayonnaise, for the more adventurous.

Ground Floor, 8 Mawson Pl, Mawson ACT 2607