What started as a bubble and squeak fisherman’s meal, offshore in Hawaii, has become quite the summer go-to. If you’re back at work and stuck for a lunch option (aside from your regular salad), the poké is the way to go. Warning: you can over poké so please consume responsibly.

Kokomo’s  (pictured)– The tropical vibe at Kokomo’s is the perfect backdrop to poké this summer. With both a yellowfin tuna, miso dressing and seaweed; and an Atlantic salmon, crispy sushi rice and wasabi mayo option you can momentarily transport yourself to Waikiki. You’ll love the spicy/ sweet balance.

Lazy Su – was an early poké evangelist, their bowl promises evenly diced toppings and all the colours of the rainbow. With shaved salad, edamame, pickles, avocado puree, black sesame + nori this bowl has all the ingredients for the perfect summer lunch.

Supa Bowl – Traditionally poké is enjoyed straight from the takeout container and that’s what makes it such a good eat at your desk option. Supa Bowl has both classic an unconventional topping, including fruity additions for summer. We most enjoy the Supa Bowl for allowing us to be indecisive and mix both raw tuna and salmon.

Catch – As poké bowls are generally raw fish bowls, the freshness matters. You can trust Catch Fish and Chips to deliver on the quality. And, if it’s too hot to step outdoors on your lunch break, you can get your lips on this poké by Deliveroo.

Nosh – a new addition to Canberra, Nosh denotes itself as fast-whole-food. Whether you choose a ‘poké party bowl’ or to ‘build your own’ bowl you can guarantee a vibrant and nourishing bowl of goodness with equally satisfying photo opportunities.