If you don’t follow these Instagram accounts, are you even a local?


With a bio suggesting ‘sometimes it’s good to shit where you eat’ we had to chuck them a follow and see what @toiletsofcanberra was as all about. Being a Capital city it’s only natural both visitors and locals have a guide to the best bathrooms in town. The rating system is kind of hard to get your head around, you can earn or lose points for very unsuspecting toilet crimes. Capital Brewery is so far, the only toilet to score a 10/10, with Silo Bakery a close second with their impressive 9.6/10 score. For any new venues popping up on the scene take a minute to re-think the smell of the soap you are providing visitors (Aesop scores incredibly well), how big your selfies mirror is, and how your sink to room ratio is looking – these are things you will be marked on! Act on the side of caution when playing it safe, @toiletsofcanberra aren’t ashamed of labelling a bathroom a ‘basic bitch.’ If your toilet lacks life a simple way to get your score up is ensuring you are well stocked with toilet paper, while looking cheap apparently, this is a sign of accomplishment. If this page on its own isn’t enough entertainment, check out some of their followers including @pimpmytoilet, @therealbogbible, and @dumpedinparis.


@Phaturday_cbr has recently peaked our interest, they have come on the scene with a mantra all about balance “Healthy AF during the week. No restrictions on the weekend.” They even renamed Saturday with Phaturday (what will think of next). A page to visit on a hung Sunday when you feel like everything but can’t decide what! We think their weekend might start on a Thursday because they sure have a lot of posts – but who are we to judge. In their defence, they also feature some pretty healthy-looking dishes and juices. They aren’t afraid to use their own kitchen to create exciting treats and they don’t shy away from a local foodie event or markets. I have complete faith that @phaturday_cbr has tried every burger in the Capital.


We are genuinely worried @lonely_trolley might be running low on material since Woolworths and Coles chained up their trolley’s and asked locals to either use a gold coin to unlock them or add a fancy trolley chip to their keychain. Nonetheless, @lonely_trolley is a page dedicated to “follow the (mis) adventures of lonely shopping trolleys abandoned by careless masters (and some that are clinging onto their masters for dear life).”  On this page, you will see a trolley dumped on their own, in trolley gangs and you can catch the odd video footage of a trolley being returned. Most impressively a Fortnite (video game) character has been created – with trolley in hand- to coincide with this local page (we hear you pay extra for extravagant props like a trolley!).


Home cooking and PIGGING out,” this gram hates politics but loves food. They claim they are food and beverage trend spotters and give brutally honest reviews. If we had to give them some constructive criticism it would be that we would like to see a little more bacon with a winning handlebar like @baconforcongress.


A good chip is hard to come across, that’s not to say we wouldn’t finish off a bowl of average fries. Similarly, to a dessert stomach, there is always extra room for a few chips to tip you over the edge. Thankfully Canberra has some hot chicks rating chips to make our lives bit easier, apparently hot chicks know best! “A group of mega babes on the search for the perfect hot chip,” who have developed a five-point matrix to benchmark each and every chip they try. Marking criteria includes: Crispness, condiment, cut of chip, fluffiness, seasoning and then scores a compiled to reach a total score out of 5. We enjoy their hashtags including #friesbeforeguys and appreciate that they refer to potatoes as a starchy god. They venture away from the regular fry and dabble with sweet potato chips, haloumi fries, packet chips and loaded fries – even the controversial ‘chip on a stick’ gets the odd feature.