Even if we don’t know what they mean, we’ve all heard of the Keto and Paleo diet. But somebody ‘important’ has come in with a new set of fad food diets to keep you even more hungry (or energised depending on their sugar levels). We aren’t suggesting you take up any of these diets, but they are interesting to keep on your radar – or take up for a week before giving into a choc-top at the cinemas.

Nordic Diet

It’s like the Mediterranean diet, only some argue the Nordics are doing it best. Similarly, the two believe in incorporating traditions such as eating each meal around family and friends, although the Nordic diet is more plant-heavy.  There is a strong focus on locally sourced ingredients and the avoidance of processed foods. Community farms and food swaps are both ways to get your hands on as much local produce as possible. The diet follows 10 simple principals to food including: eating more fresh produce each day; more whole grains; more seafood; more homecooked meals; only organic (where possible); eating what’s in season; opting for less meat but high-quality when it is consumed; foraging food from the wild; avoiding food additives; avoiding food waste.

Beauty Diet

Now this one sounds too good to be true, but the basis of the diet is to include more probiotics from fermented foods to improve our skin – and give us a radiant glow. This diet works in conjunction to a clean-eating program. Natural antioxidants, pre and probiotics, aloe juice, coconut water and unpasteurised lactic-acid are all key ingredients. A healthy gut to make you glow is the mantra of this diet.


It’s part vegan, part paleo, the two fads found common ground in eating wholefoods and plants and have merged to become a new food craze. Basically, this diet promotes eating fresh, market foods and more of them each day, amounting to at least 75% of your daily intake of food. The remainder should comprise of healthy fats like those found in nuts, avocados and coconut oil. Meat, eggs, cheese, yogurt are still a no-go, and gluten is not a friend of pegan. Although sheep or goat-based dairy products have been given the green light in this diet.


This diet is no easy feat. It involves the process of elimination of foods over 30-day periods and tracking your immune systems response. The basis of it is eliminating gluten, grains, legumes, dairy, soy and inflammatory or toxic foods such as sugar, alcohol, trans fats, food additives, and preservatives. What you can enjoy is lean, grass-fed animal protein, loads of leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats.

Plant-based Keto

It sounds complex, but this hybrid keto diet is actually a lot less restrictive than the standard ketogenic approach. Vego-keto involves embracing a variety of vegetables and leaning on healthy fats rather than relying on bacon each morning. It still follows the rule of feeding your body fat for a slow burn release of energy instead of sugar and carbs as the primary source.