To celebrate National Vodka Day (October 4) sip on the classic vodka soda or a vodka-based cocktail, made with quality vodka from one of our Canberra distilleries.


The Canberra Distillery

Handcrafting fine spirits from only essential, raw ingredients, The Canberra Distillery creates a range of gin, rum, schnapps and vodka. To create their quality vodka, it is triple-distilled and carbon-filtered to ensure a clean, smooth palate.

Underground Spirits

Known for their vodka and gin range, Underground Spirits is Canberra’s most award-winning spirit brand, sourcing local, high-quality ingredients and pure spring water from the Snowy Mountains. Shop their signature or caramel vodka.

Big River Distilling Co

Made similarly to a distilled gin, Big River Distilling Co make their 3 Grains Pepperleaf Vodka by re-distilling it in the presence of rye, buckwheat and barley. Allowing them to sit in the still’s copper botanical basket to keep in the smoky aromas. Resulting in a novel flavoured vodka with a grainy, smoky and nutty flavour, followed by a faint shaved-chocolate character.


Refined with pure Australian rainwater, Antipodes vodka is an Australian certified organic spirit, triple distilled, and charcoal filtered.


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