Canberra is currently exhibiting works with awakening themes that are particularly relevant to today’s socio-political climate.

aMBUSH Gallery Kambri (at ANU)


aMBUSH Gallery has reopened public with the exhibition Mirrung  – a new exhibition blending the artistic talents of Indigenous brother-sister-duo David and Noni Cragg.

The exhibition showcases over a dozen collaborative portraits of people connected to our vibrant Arts scene, explore notions of belonging and community, as well as representation and intersectionality. The exhibition is a celebration of diverse cultural voices within the art community in Australia and Noni and David aim to amplify diversity, First Nations narratives and connection to country.

The exhibition will be open daily from 10am-6pm weekdays and 12pm-5pm on weekends. Admission is free and all artworks are for sale.

National Museum of Australia

Endeavour Voyage – The untold stories of Cook and the First Australians

The exhibition delivers stories and perspectives that Indigenous people have shared.

The Museum commissioned award-winning filmmaker Alison Page and director Nik Lachajczak to create a film in collaboration with Indigenous communities along Australia’s east coast. The Message features descendants of those whose ancestors witnessed Cook’s passage, powerfully reimagining the message of the ship’s arrival being passed up the coast line.

Join the journey of James Cook, exploring nine places up the East Coast connected to the Endeavour story and reflecting on key moments.

Tickets free, time slots from 9am -5pm daily.

MoAD – Old Parliament House

Truth, Power and a Free Press

A permanent exhibition that explores stories from those on the front line for the battle for truth. You will see objects from Australia’s media history brought together for the first time and hear stories direct from some of Australia’s leading journalists including Joanne McCarthy, Hedley Thomas, Laura Murphy-Oates, Hamish Macdonald, Adele Ferguson and more.

You will leave moved, excited and empowered to navigate filter bubbles, fake news and the importance of trusted media sources in a healthy democracy.

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