Capital Eatery

Directly opposite Mort St in Civic Quarter is the and stylish Capital Eatery. Here to please the breakfast and lunch crowd as we start heading back into the office, you can drop by between 7am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

You may get Melbourne vibes walking into the generous space. Capital Eatery is by Ambient Food Group, a successful Victorian based hospitality group with a wealth of experience. The concept isn’t the only trait though, a Melbourne house blend is employed for your morning cup of coffee, with the exception that it’s roasted in Canberra.

The impressive fit out is designed for the working crowd, communal tables fill the space perfect for a casual meeting away from the office. Never eat the same thing twice with a large assortment of fresh rolls, wraps and bagels and a 4-meter salad bar!

Crepe Stop

Crepe Stop on Mort St Braddon appeals to both the sweet and savoury tooth. Started by husband and wife Michael and Amany in mid-May when the hospitality industry was suffering, Michael said “we had bills to pay and got the job done.” A brave move, yet slightly less risky when your product is delicious. At brekkie time stop in for an egg & cheese or tuna & mayo crepe. The base is thin and fluffy and less calories than a slice a break i’m told!

At lunch go a little more hearty with pepperoni or roast chicken & avo at very reasonable prices. For dessert, a crepe dripping with Nutella, stuffed with strawberries and banana and sprinkled with crushed biscuit is how we took ours.

Sushi Fresh

The Yamaroshi development on Mort St has created an alley way precinct where you’ll find Sushi Fresh, your latest lunch spot.  Sushi Fresh is another newbie on the street worth giving a go. They have a quick on the go takeaway window or enjoy laneway dining with a tasty bento box. You can see the staff working away in the window so you know it’s freshly made!