Next week our couples will be heading out on their second Singled Out date with another one of their top voted most compatible singles, voted by you!

After the Round 1 dinner dates our bachelors and bachelorettes are well and truly immersed in Canberra’s dating scene, and to spice things up for Round 2, OutInCanberra has teamed up with Dendy Canberra to create the perfect date experience for our lucky Singled Out couples. Hot tip for the Singled Out lads: queue the good ol’ stretch over trick 😉

dendy canberra

Located within the iconic Canberra Centre North Quarter, Dendy Canberra offers you a world-class cinema experience. Come and indulge your senses in one of its nine screens, including two Premium. The Premium Lounge at Dendy Canberra is where you’ll find our Singled Out couples getting up close and cosy!

The exclusive Premium Lounge area offers a separate VIP experience where guests can enjoy food from its seasonal gourmet bar menu and have it expertly matched with local and international beer and wine. It’s the perfect environment to unwind before your movie.

Once inside the theatre, the indulgence continues as Dendy provides in-cinema catering service. So sit back in the luxurious recliner chairs and enjoy a fully-serviced, unforgettable cinema experience.


We’ve counted the votes, and your Round 2 couples are; drumroll…

















INTRUDER ALERT! We’ll be choosing a lucky lad from our Facebook call-out to be our knight in shining armour and take the place of Singled Out drop-out James. Shame on you James.



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