How to wear your coat the wrong way...

The first question that comes to mind when you see this trend on streets is, "How is that coat staying over her shoulders?"...

Well.. surprisingly, the only art to this 'coat worn wrong' trend is good posture and a slight shoulder 'lift'. Many a blogger, fashion editor and fashion designer spotted on the streets manages to answer numerous phone calls, hail cabs, run across to the said cabs and hug people hello/goodbye.

So why are we scared to try this trend?

Some say, "It looks like I have no arms" or "Does she have arms?". The answer is YES, and even though it looks a little weird to begin with (and these questions flutter around in your head) the trend is cool. It's effortless high fashion, and it keeps you warm during the cooler months and on those windy days.

We dare you to try it!

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Stylish In Co-Ords

Clash it up with other prints and patterns or wear it together – let two become one in super cute co-ords this season!

It’s the newest trend to hit the streets and a fabulous fashion-cheat that’s taking the fuss out of looking stylish. Co-ords come in statement suits, matchy-matchy shorts and blazers, printed crop top and skirt/short combos - even 'peddle pushers' are making a come-back.

Whether it’s colour-blocked or an all-over pattern, a sharply tailored look or a loose jersey style, this season’s all about matching seperates and getting your Co-Ord on!

Socialite In Leopard

Gorgeous Tanya was spotted amongst Canberra's finest fashionistas at Lucky's Local fashion Trail.

Tanya kept her look simple yet very chic and caught our attention with her bright orange (almost red) pencil skirt. Very stylish and on trend, we loved that she was daring enough to pair her black and white leopard cuffed sleeve shirt with her statement skirt. To finish off the look she opted for a cute black clutch and some nude strappy wedges.

Tanya's outfit is a combination of Sheike Clothing, ZARA and Tony Bianco.

Modern Dapper

Miles stylishly suited up for one of Canberra's fastest growing fashion events - Lucky's Local Fashion Trail.

Miles stood out amongst the crowd as his outfit was carefully put together from head to toe featuring some quirky accessories including a polka dot pocket square handkerchief and a pair of stylish specs. He dressed perfectly for the occasion looking very dapper yet effortlessly comfortable.

His eye for style and ability to pull off such a neutral colour palette was outstanding, and for a guy of just 25 years old, shocking but in a great way!

Miles was dressed in a mix of ZARA and TOPSHOP.

Orange and Leather Chic

The stunning Valentina was spotted among Canberra's fashionable and finest at Lucky's Local fashion Trail hosted by QT.

Valentina kept her look simple yet chic, and caught our attention as she dressed for the current season in a pop of colour and floral print. She was perfectly polished, and for a bit of edge, stepped it up a notch by sporting a bold plum lip.

Valentina's stylish outfit was a combination of Sheike Clothing, ZARA and Tony Bianco.

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