Style Stalker: Nicola Finetti

This year, Canberra is lucky enough to host one of Australia’s most iconic fashion designers, Nicola Finetti, as part of our annual spring festival Floriade! Each week of Floriade 2013 is based around a different theme. ‘Future Style’ is the theme for the second week of the event, with Mr Finetti appearing alongside his designs in Floriade’s The Inspiration Hub on Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th of September between 12.00pm and 2.00pm educating the fashion-forward among us on Spring’s styles and trends.

Nicola is the creative mind behind his popular namesake label Nicola Finetti Clothing, which now sits alongside international labels such as Alexander McQueen and Chloe (just to name a few!).. Expect to see a lot of floral designs using bright colour, interesting shapes with an overall modernized 60s feel. Nicola’s work is fun, playful and absolutely perfect for the final warmer months of our city’s 100th birthday!

Stepping out in Spring

By Jemma Mrdak

Spring has sprung! Its now that time of year where we can take off those winter coats and get out our dresses and skirts. That is exactly what the lovely Lynn did today on her way to meet friends for coffee in the new Lonsdale Street precinct.

Lynn has paired her spring outfit perfectly. Without going over the top, she has combined different patterns and colours together that just work! Rocking a skirt from the store where she works, SES, Lynn claimed that she was wearing the skirt to celebrate the first day of spring and the arrival of the warmer weather.

The black and white print skirt was Lynn’s favourite outfit item- and we loved it too! Paired with the black chiffon shirt which had a hint of leopard print on the collar, went nicely with the tortoiseshell sunglasses and tan shoes. A classic black bag is also perfect when accessorised with this sort of outfit. Lets just say that Lynn has styled this look perfectly.

Sunglasses: SES (remind anyone of the Prada version?)

Skirt: SES

Top: Bought in Korea

Bag: Topshop

Shoes: Zara

Maddie wears Classic Black

By Jemma Mrdak

When we spotted Maddie working hard but looking wonderful in Witchery this weekend we knew we had to pull her aside from her busy day and take a few snaps of her gorgeous outfit.

Maddie was dressed head-to-toe in Witchery’s latest collection, which she claims she adores and wears all the time (even when she’s not working!). She’s certainly an ambassador for this fashion-forward brand!

The all-black outfit for some would feel quite solemn, but we loved it! The lace feature, with the hint of skin showing on the arms, contrasts well with the rest of the outfit. Her black ankle boots, that will always be in-season, dressed down the outfit and made it fit for the beautiful spring day.

At first glance it seems as though Maddie is wearing a separate piece, when in actual fact it is a dress! As it is absolutely stunning, it was both Maddie’s favourite item and ours.

Canberra women (and men), head into Witchery and check out all their latest in trends just in time for spring. Stock is updated regularly with outfits matching up-to-date runway looks!

Casual Coffee at Harvest

When we spotted Ben grabbing a coffee at Harvest, the first thing we noticed about his outfit were his dark grey suede brogues with brown detailing. They completed his look which had an overall preppy – yet effortlessly cool – charm about it. Friday was casual day in the office for Ben so he wore a pair of cuffed denim jeans, a smart-yet-casual shirt and a buttoned cardigan.

Ben also loved his brogues. He picked them up in Paris on his travels through Europe. Amaze! Luckily for us the busy lawyer seemed very laid back about this outfit, with a kind of I-just-threw-this-on, what’s-the-fuss?’ attitude, and was more than happy to pose for the camera.

Alice Springs - Australia's Op-Shop Hot-Spot.

OutInCanberra's Style Stalker spotted Julia at the opening of the Israeli Film Festival at Palace Electric Cinemas. It was her adorable beanie that first caught our attention as she made her way in from a cold Canberra evening, but once Julia removed her jacket we fell in love with her scarf and gold belt. Where in Canberra does one find such fantastic accessories?

As it turns out, you don't. In fact, Julia purchased her beanie from the Alice Springs Beanie Festival (yes, there is such a thing!) and most the rest is, well... read below.

Beanie: Alice Springs Beanie Festival (made in Greece)

Scarf: Alice Springs Op Shop

Gold Belt: Another from the Alice 'Oppie'


Boots: The Op Shop!

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