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Looking good while working out will not only help you stick to your New Year's health & fitness resolutions, you will also feel great before, during and after!

The health & fitness trend is set to turn up a notch in 2015, so why not get yourself familiar with all the new brands, products and types of fitness to find out what works and looks best on you.

Here's a few simple tips to staying stylish when working out:

1. Wear a sports bra that fits.

There is nothing worse that being uncomfortable while working out! Make sure you get a sports bra with the correct fit. You can have the shop assistant help you with sizing to make sure there aren't any ill-fitting areas or cutting-in, and to make sure it provides enough support. A por fit can lead to injury, sore-ness and aching in the long run.

2. Invest in proper gym wear.

Gym wear can be a little more expensive than just throwing on something 'that will do the trick', but it's made with specific fabrics to stop sweat marks appearing, to let your skin breathe and minimise dehydration, or stretchy for all those interesting yoga poses. They also last a lot longer than clothes not designed with fitness in mind. Brands such as Lorna Jane and Lulu Lemon stock some really trendy, colourful singlets, tights and shorts. Great for summer and to spruce up your fitness style!

3. Clear skin, hair pulled back.

There is NOTHING worse than working out with leftover makeup from your workday. First of all, it's not a good look having dark circles under your eyes from running mascara, or foundation marks smeared down your cheeks, (and a super dirty gym towel - YUK!). Secondly, your pores are working overtime to flush out those toxins, so having dirt and grime will only help you produce another pimple.

Also, put your hair into a high bun or ponytail. If you're trying to impress a boy at the gym you might think your hair looks better down, but once it gets all tangled and sweaty... zero chance, babe!

4. Shoes

Your shoes must be chosen based on your preferred style of fitness. If you do lots of running and walking, it is worth seeing a specialist at somewhere like The Athletes Foot to do a proper assessment on your feet. They can determine if one foot might need more support than the other. Say goodbye to sore, achy feet. A brightly coloured or patterned shoe is perfect for your fit-robe.

5. Accessories

These are limited to a snazzy water bottle, gym towel, head and arm sweat-bands, a Fitbit step tracker, a hat and head-phones ONLY. Take all your jewellery off or leave at home - there is nothing worse than the constant clinking sound for others around you.

With the extra 'feel good' endorphins and a load more energy, you'll be wondering how you didn't do any of these things in 2014...

Image via: Fashion on Toast

Summer Festival Look: Boho

The Bohemian (Boho) look is one of the most popular among the crowd at Summer music festivals worldwide!

Style and comfort are the two main things to think about when planning your outfit for a music festival. You need to wear something you can dance in, sit on the grass in and something that is going to keep you cool.

Here's how the nail the BOHO look:


Perfect for both eye protection from the sun, and literally the 'cherry on top' to a perfect festival outfit accessory. Round 'John Lennon' types are all the rage, as are bright colours, prints and cat's-eye shades!


The strappier the better when going for the boho look. Brown is usually the staple colour for this look, but a pastel thrown in the mix is also a good choice.

Shoulder Bag

Essential for any festival look. Do not ever - I repeat - EVER even think about taking a handbag. It will only annoy you and everyone else around you. Mosh Pits gets squishy, and even if you think you want to avoid the mosh, you still gotta stand in the bathroom, drinks and food lines. So, for the boho look, brown is again the staple colour, but for a bit of statement tassels are great.

Floral Dress/Kimono

The outfit is what makes this look. You need something that is flowy, and something floral is always great - it gives the effortless feel that ultimately makes a look, or a person, Bohemian.

Other BOHO things to add to your outfit are:

- Headband

- Anything with a 'Peace' sign on it

- Lace clothing

- Tasselled clothing

- Feathers


Tribal Influence

Last weekend The Fashion Vault came across a very detailed Reuben Bokaba, strutting in the City.

"He was a little frazzled when we asked if it was okay to photograph him. He was a total natural though!

"We loved his look because everything had so much tribal detail and was strategically put together. After more chatting, he confessed, happily, that he was the designer of his shirt. 'It's handmade by me!'.

"To complete his look he added, cuffs and a ring from Lovisa.

"Merry Christmas!"

From The Fashion Vault, AKA Janette, Sofia and Deejay.

Eeenie, Meenie, Minie... MINI

The warm weather is here and the festive season has officially kicked off, so what better time than to rock out your mini-skirts?

This season is all about the chic mini. You can dress them up or down depending on the styles of material they have been made from.

Mini By Day

Pair a floral mini with a cute cropped tee and accessorise with some strappy sandals, a pair of bright sunnies and a tote for a day out and about.

Mini By Night

Black or embellished is perfect for a night out. Pair with a singlet or blouse tucked in for extra shape, and wedges or strappy statement heels. Opt for a light pleather style that breathes to allow you to dance the night away!

Choosing the cut of your mini is also really important. If you are short, opt for a straight A-lined skirt that will run along side your legs giving an elongated look. Cut-outs will also work well, and give your outfit a bit of oompf. If you are tall, you need a little bit more material. Try wearing the fun, flowing skater-style designs.

Friday Fresh

We spotted Maty Saks heading into the city one friday for afterwork-drinks... and looking fresh!

Maty is a public servant by day, a part-time personal trainer for Detox Fitness and a DJ by night. It’s amazing he even has time to put together such a rocking look!

His style echoes the old school hip-hop and RnB tracks he is known for mixing. Maty’s carefully curated outfit is a modern take on the style of fresh Prince of Bel Air.

The vest worn is a jacket that Maty has had altered to suit his individual style.

Outfit breakdown:

Gucci sunglasses

Nike Cap

G-Shock watch

Chicago Bulls jersey

David and Goliath altered vest

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