Street x Off-duty Dancer

Spotted from across the street, I saw Chris walking with an group of friends who equally matched his street style.

I found out that they had just competed in the final event of the Australian Dance Crew Championships held for the very first time at Canberra’s Play House. Chris and his crew, kstar evolutionz, are from Melbourne and won the national competition. Congratulations!

The day was an intensive competition hence the relaxed style shown by Chris. His rhyme and reason for dressing, is to dress for comfort first. This relaxed look gains more street cred with the carefully curated accessories.

I asked Chris for a Melbourne shopping tip and he directed me to Savers on Sydney Road in Brunswick. I’ve personally been there and can vouch that it is possibly the best vintage store. Essentially it is like our Salvos in Fhyswick but on steroids.

Boho Chic for Summer

This doll was spotted walking on Lonsdale Street to Debacle. Charlotte Fraser expresses her style with a boho inspired dress paired with ankle boots and socks.

This flowy dress was the prefect choice for a warm day that headed into a cool night. The story behind the dress is that it was one of her best friends dresses that she never wore. Charlotte was leant the dress a few years ago and it pretty much never was returned and is now her favourite for casual occasions.

I love charlottes philosophy to dressing “Dress for the occasion and what makes you feel good. Don’t worry about what others think”.

Xo TFV (Deejay)

Weekend Look: Summer in Canberra

Canberra has become quite the 'hipster' scene over the last few years that I have lived here. Cooler weather calls for more interesting combinations of layers then you would see anywhere else in Australia. But how does one bring this into summer?

Well Maggie, who I met in Civic has only been in Aus for 1 month and has nailed it. She combined natural colours of beige and pale yellow with a white sun hat and naturally carved necklace for a soft summery look. Her natural white bag completed the look, making her look like she had stepped right out of a farmers market in the most stylish way possible.

Maggie is a PHD student and plans to be in Australia for the next 4 years. She has seen Sydney and Canberra so far and plans on visiting Melbourne next. She loves the nature of canberra, it's beauty and thinks it's unlike any other city.

Spring Summer Work-robe

Where do you spend most of your time? That's right.. work! We spend approximately eight hours a day, or 40 hours a week, at work! So why not be stylish?

When it comes to truly expressing your personal style, I know lots of ladies who save it only for the weekends! And then they save it (and save it) for that perfect weekend outing or event until the gorgeous dress or blouse they bought has been hanging lonely in the closet for over 6 months....

Sound familiar?

Why not be a little daring and add that 'quirk' to your spring/summer work-robe?

The best place to try new styles - within reason, of course, is the office. If you buy a new pair of shoes for a wedding on the weekend, it makes sense to wear them 'in' during the week at work.

I am loving Co-ords for work again this season - and probably for the rest of the year to be honest. They are a modern take on the corporate suit, and are available in shorts, shirts, skorts, shirts, button-downs and blazers in a almost endless range of colours and patterns.

Go on, buy something fun and a little bit quirky that you have always wanted to try before! We bet your colleagues will only have lovely things to say about your new found style, and maybe they'll find the inspiration to join you!


Rainy Spring Day Essentials

There are plenty of ways to be comfortable and still look chic when the weather isn’t on your side. Here are the essentials to rainy day style.

1. Boots

To keep your tooties dry.

2. An Umbrella

For obvious reason. We are loving these

3. A water-proof over coat

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