The dapper carpenter

Adam from Dream Carpentry spends all day on a job site in work wear.

"I work hard in my trade and come home covered in dust, so I like to scrub up when the opportunity arises," Adam says.

MJ Bale is Adam's go-to shop for a well fitted blazer and added details like pocket squares.

The Fashion Vault loves that Adam is wearing a chambray shirt to make this look a bit more casual!

Like a boss

The Fashion Vault stopped Jordi on his way to a modelling assignment. Being in the industry we questioned him on why fashion is important to him.

"Fashion is important to me because it represents who I am through what I wear," Jordi said.

His favourite store is Hugo Boss, and when you look like an actual Hugo Boss we can’t argue with that response.

Overall Jordi’s day-to-day style is sports luxe, incorporating a mixture of high-end pieces with contemporary sportswear.

The model student

Georgia, a 17 year-old student, was captured at the Fashfest 2016 casting call. With over 500 registrants Georgia is hopeful that she will make it through.

When she leaves college she wants to study fashion and thought Fashfest would be a great way to gain experience in the industry.

The Fashion Vault wishes you the best of luck!

Miss Tweed

Sarafina was stopped looking stylish and appropriately dressed for the chilly Canberra weather that we've all started to embrace.

Sarafina’s style is clean lined with a touch of edge added by her cult classic Dr Martin shoes.

“I don’t really have a style icon. I actually love exploring simplicity and clean lines with clothing”.

Her go to fashion items are oversized coats and a well fitted pair of pants.

When trying to find a good pair of pants Sarafina recommends paying close attention to the fabric and how it falls as well as the cut of pants. Know what shapes work for your body type.

'90's got it going on

Friends who dress well stay together! Jordan and Tanisha are besties each with their own individual style.

We would all agree that Jordan draws inspiration from the '80's and '90's and carries it well.

“I am the type of person who likes to o dress for comfort. I don’t think you should try and copy someone’s style. Instead dress for you! Clothing is a great way to express yourself.”

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