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October 23, 2016

10 things to do this weekend

21/10/2016 by OutInCanberra

Things are looking a little brighter, and your grin’s a little wider… it must be Friday! If you have yet to plan the weekend ahead check out our guide to the top 10 things happening in Canberra. __________________________________________ 1. Scotch and Watch with Mitchell Oakley Smith at Canberra Centre 5:00pm Friday 21 October


Design Canberra: 100 + events, 1 thriving city


Design Canberra has launched the 2016 festival with a new look, feel and format. An extensive schedule of 100 + events along with a list of international guests, this year is set to impress local, interstate and international audiences. The festival will undoubtedly solidify the city of Canberra as a global city of design.


Celebrate Melbourne Cup in style at Casino Canberra

20/10/2016 by Josephine Huynh

This year you don’t have to travel all the way to Flemington Racecourse to experience the fashion, thrill and endless champagne of the Melbourne Cup – right here, in the heart of the capital, make Casino Canberra your destination to witness the race that stops the nation at its glamourous Melbourne Cup extravaganza.


Southport: Resort-style waterside living

19/10/2016 by Josephine Huynh

Imagine waking up to the luxury of a 25-metre lap pool, separate leisure pool, 200sqm gym, and extensive private gardens and laneways, all while enjoying spectacular views over the lake and mountains surrounding the emerging Southquay precinct in Greenway. With Southport, this dream is a reality. Southport, the latest development from GEOCON, was released to the market in March with nearly one-third of available apartments sold at the launch.


Movie Review: Inferno

19/10/2016 by Sam Tremayne

Pretend that Jason Bourne is a professor / historian instead of super spy and you’ve basically got the setup for this movie. Inferno is the sequel to Angels and Demons, which was the sequel to the Da Vinci Code but the first thing I’ll flag is you don’t have to have seen the others for this film, as in the first act the slate is wiped clean, when Tom Hanks’ Robert Langdon is hit with a severe case of amnesia. And after watching Inferno, I almost wish I were too.


A floral favourite for the People’s Choice

18/10/2016 by Alex Dickens

As we say goodbye to Canberra’s favourite flower extravaganza for another year and hello to yet another season of voting for the OutInCanberra People’s Choice Awards, it’s time to reminisce on last years’ winners and what it really means to be ‘the people’s choice’. With the close of Floriade 2016 last week, we caught up with the team behind the annual flower extravaganza about winning the 2015 Event & Attraction category, and to chat about whether they have what it takes to be crowned again in 2016. __________________________________________


A touch of old-world class at the Mercure Hotel

18/10/2016 by Alex Dickens

Walking into the 1920s building of Mercure Hotel Canberra, one must envisage a certain element of style and sophistication present beyond its doors and within the culinary delights served. This is exactly the impression you get as you make your way past the crackling open fireplace and through the glass doors of Courtyard Restaurant. With iron-pressed white table clothes and perfectly appointed tablewear for each course, I immediately felt a bout of excitement for the dishes to come.


Eat your way to a long and happy life

18/10/2016 by Lisa Donaldson APD

What if there was a way to eat to ensure a long and happy life? Would you eat that way? There are communities around the globe who eat well and live long. They do not eat exactly the same way, but there are similarities that we can adopt ourselves to help live a long, nutritious and healthy life. These places are known as ‘The Blue Zones’ and the longest living humans live in those places. What if we could find some meals around the Canberra food scene that are similar to a Blue Zone dietary inclusions? Would you eat there?


Kids’ guide to Canberra

18/10/2016 by Mairi Hogg

Canberra is brimming with cultural attractions and outdoorsy fun for kids to do this spring. From museums to parks, the capital has it all! Little ones will get giddy with excitement at the prospect of heading to the National Zoo and Aquarium with a variety of both exotic and native animals, or learning about all things science at Questacon with various interactive exhibits on display. No matter which fun option, there’s something for everyone in this Kids’ guide to Canberra – event the young at heart!


Ainslie Football Club introduces a new dining precinct like no other

18/10/2016 by Josephine Huynh

Outside of our conventional food courts, it’s a rarity in Canberra to walk into a modern dining precinct with every cuisine available at your fingertips. But that’s exactly what Ainslie Football & Social Club has provided with its stunning stage two refurbishments. Stage one comprised of a welcoming new reception area and the cosy Fireside Lounge & Bar, and the anticipated stage two flung its doors open this week – seeing the venue transform into a bustling hub, while still giving a nod to its history of fostering Australian football.