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April 2, 2015

Will you be the '2008 MYER Face of Canberra Racing?'

02/10/2008 by Natalie Tsirimokos

Move over Make me a Supermodel and Next Top Model, it will be a competition that stops a capital! For one night at least. The search for the 2008 MYER Face of Canberra Racing competition begins tomorrow and Thoroughbred Park has been inundated with phone calls from prospective competitors eager to seek the prestigious title. With over $10,000 in cash and prizes, the inaugural competition is open to any local lady between 18-35 who will best represent MYER and Thoroughbred Park for the next 12 months as the ambassador to Canberra Racing.


Golden rules for golden goddesses

18/09/2008 by Natalie Tsirimokos

Spring is upon us as, so dare to bare your skin with a golden glow from Bronze Solarium! Self tanners are a great way to achieve glowing skin not to mention can hide a multitude of skins sins and camouflage les-than-perfect body bits. New and currently exclusive to Bronze Solarium is Xen-Tan. This range of sunless tanners has a beautiful olive undertone so it won’t turn you orange. This product is great for all skin types.


The divine is in the detail

25/08/2008 by Sarah Malone

One visit to Escala in Manuka certainly proves that the divine is in the detail. Established in 1999, Escala is Canberra's foremost destination for divine European footwear, covetable handbags and alluring accessories. Owner Gail Lubbock and the Escala staff are friendly and personable, putting time and effort into every customer and fitting. The shoes speak for themselves with craftsmanship and quality combined with fashion and style in every piece.


Chi-Koo with your Darlingheart

28/07/2008 by Sarah Malone

Two months ago Chi-Koo Kids made the move to Manuka from Mawson. The bigger, brighter, more accessible shop on Franklin Street is now very much at home amongst Canberra’s trendiest café and boutique district. Chi-Koo Kids Director Sharon, a vibrant mother of two, certainly has been busy. Amidst the relocation of Chi-Koo Kids and a huge winter sale, Sharon has somehow found the time to design her very own children’s fashion label, Darlingheart.


Winter sale heats up at Carmen Steffens

15/07/2008 by Sarah Malone

It’s well and truly that time of year again. The days are cold and short, the heating is set to high, and the shops are filled with all kinds of cosy knits and warm coats. Winter is well underway, and with winter comes mid-year winter sales! Winter is the time of year that fashion designers claim to prefer designing for. With winter fashion comes textures, colours (although too often these are just shades of black and grey), trims, and multiple layers of clothing.


Rhys from SYTYCD talks style


Bubbly Rhys Bobridge from SYTYCD wasn’t just a fierce dancing competitor, he was also the style icon of the series. Dance lovers and viewers found themselves dizzy with anticipation about what fantastic outfit or technicoloured eye make up he would be wearing week after week. What’s your style tip for winter?


French inspiration at T.O.D

03/06/2008 by Natalie Tsirimokos

La Tribu Rigaux is an exotic hand-made jewellery line by Rigaux, from the artistic and quaint village of Bourron Marlotte in France. The La Tribu Rigauz line is full of edgy pieces with eclectic trinkets, metals and semi-precious stones from around the world. Giant rings and earring clip ons, high embellishment with ‘look at me attitude’ are all the creation of Franck Rigaux and his wife Katia. Katia and Franck express their love of foreign cultures through their designs, often returning from Asia, India and Africa with trunks full of stones, pearls, metals.


Get Bronzed this winter

20/05/2008 by Natalie Tsirimokos

Winter may be getting ready to launch with its cold, pale and flu ridden hands, but just as that new winter trench coat may brighten your day, a tan can brighten your winter. Yes, I have looked out the window and I know too well that their aint no sunshine, but who said your tan had to be authentic? It doesn't. So at OIC we’ve hunted down an expert to help us battle the potions, lotions, sprays, mits and machines and get a hot tan for winter. Bronze Solarium’s owner and tanologist, Ivanka shares with us the tips of the trade.


Momentum for winter

05/05/2008 by Natalie Tsirimokos

Change of season can be overwhelming for the average shopper, with style overhaul happening in every shop from street to high, you're current wardrobe can begin to look like an unimpressive portal into last season before you can say 'faux pas.' Canberra's high fashion boutique Momento Dezigns consistently offer high-style sliced and diced and ready to wear with fashionable advice.


Winter Wow @ Sybil's Closet

09/04/2008 by Natalie Tsirimokos

It's sensual, stylish and sophisticated this season at Sybil's Closet Dickson and Kingston. Voluptuous velvets embellished with silk detailing in the deepest blues, purples, greys and blacks will have you looking and feeling silky and luxurious. Think coats, skirts and scarfs teamed with decadently lush bags and wallets embellished with tapestry, brocade, ribbon, fur and beads.