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March 3, 2015

5 Things to Do this Weekend

12/12/2014 by OutInCanberra

For a lot of people, this is the last weekend of the working year. If you're one of the lucky ones, be sure to keep yourself entertained with a stack of stuff on offer over the coming days. Enjoy! 1. James Turrell at National Gallery of Australia All weekend. It’s art, but not as you know it. While recent blockbusters at the NGA have looked to classic landscapes and South American antiquities, bringing the contemporary works of James Turrell is a wonderful curtain-call for recently-retired Director, Ron Radford.


10 things I Loved About Canberra in 2014

10/12/2014 by Sarah Pritchard

There are lots of things I like about Canberra. It’s a small city… or a big town that you can cross in under an hour. You could stop and enjoy everything that this town has to offer in every suburb, every month of the year. Here are some of my picks for 2014. The National Folk Festival is a long weekend of sharing music, food and culture. Early in the morning until late at night, campers stay out in the open autumn air at Canberra’s Exhibition Park to dance and sing along with the performers.


Exodus: Gods and Kings - Review

10/12/2014 by Sam Tremayne

Given the epic stories contained within, The Bible provides pretty good source material for Hollywood epics. Every couple of decades, as special effects and camera quality improve, a new slew of biblical films appear. Exodus is the newest offering and, for the first time since Scorsese’s story of Jesus, there’s a big name director at the helm: Ridley Scott. Known for Alien and Gladiator, Ridley Scott is famous for no-holds-barred storytelling and plots that are riddled (pun definitely intended) with big-name actors and even bigger sets.


Violent Soho - Live at ANU Bar

08/12/2014 by Jen Taylor

It’s problematic trying to label Queensland’s Violent Soho with a genre, as they sit across a combination of punk/rock/grunge/garage. Sometimes they’re a screaming band, and at other times their guitar riffs and instrument build-ups make them sound like The Pixies. Last Wednesday, they fronted up to a full capacity ANU Bar with two other very noisy and frantic bands in tow. Trophy Eyes were loud. They had lots of energy, and solid music, but the screaming was abrasive and distorted. It’s often difficult to relate to music without any tune or melody.


5 Things to do this Weekend

05/12/2014 by OutInCanberra

Summer is finally here! Hooray! As usual, there’s a stack of stuff on this weekend. We’ve got everything from lakeside boozing to big beats at ‘A-cadz’. Enjoy! 1. Scrambled for La De Da’s birthday, Belconnen Friday from 8.00pm. La De Da is the cultural hub of Belconnen, It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of Aaron Ridler’s contribution o the creative community of Canberra over the years.


2014 People's Choice Awards... The Winners!

04/12/2014 by OutInCanberra

Well, it’s finally done and dusted. The punters have spoken, and the winners of this year’s People’s Choice Awards have been announced. Last night (Wednesday) we had the great honour of taking the stage at the Canberra and Capital Region Tourism Awards to make the presentations.


The Hunger Games - MockingJay Part One

03/12/2014 by Sam Tremayne

For people who have read The Hunger Games books - aside from being able to snidely hint they know how the series ends - widely view the final Hunger Games novel, 'MockingJay', as where author Suzanne Collins lost her mojo. So, the seemingly insurmountable challenge for Director Francis Lawrence and crew is this: how to adapt a weak story into not one, but two feature films, and satisfy audiences while keeping the book purists happy.


The Stylish Christmas Gift Guide: For Him

01/12/2014 by OutInGroup

Struggling for ideas for the man in your life? Well don't stress, we've put together a cheat sheet for you that will get you out of trouble. Whether it’s a gift for your Dad, Grandpa, Husband, Brother or Boyfriend - this fun and unique list is sure to impress him! Boardies from The Rocks Push The Rocks Push has a range of stylish mens swim shorts and mens swimwear to be worn on and off the beach. Quick dry and super comfy, you’ll be swimming in style in a pair of these bad boys! Oscar Razor Shaving Kit


5 Things for the Weekend

28/11/2014 by OutInCanberra

Happy Friday, Peeps! As usual, there’s a stack of stuff on this weekend. If you’re not down the coast or neck deep in a pool somewhere, here’s a bunch of stuff to do around town. Enjoy! 1. The Christmas Lights Garema Place Friday from 8.00pm. They’ve done it! After four weeks stringing over 20 kilometres of lights across the mall near the Carousel, InTheCity and the Richards family of Forrest have managed to break the Guinness World Record for a Christmas Display.


Film Review - The Drop

24/11/2014 by Sam Tremayne

Most people get scared off when they hear the words ‘independent film’ (admittedly, I was like that once). But when my job became seeing movies of different lengths, genres and languages, I started to realise that big budgets don’t mean good stories in the same way small budgets don’t mean bad ones. The Drop is James Gandolfini’s last movie and deserves to be seen. It is dark, thrilling and surprisingly swirling with mystery.