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April 25, 2014

Boutique Accessories

30/05/2012 by Rahima Saikal

Tucked away in The Canberra House Arcade in the heart of the city lies La Cobbler Shoes; the answer to every woman’s accessory dilemma. Shaen Flakelar has owned La Cobbler for 12 years and recently relocated into her beautiful new store in The Canberra House Arcade. La Cobbler stocks everything from shoes, handbags, hats, wallets and scarves to gloves, bridal wear, jewellery, hand cream and gift ideas. Shaen takes great pride in the items in store and specialises in brands such as Hogl, Pindiere, Karston, Pedro Miralles, Sempre di, Caprice, Alan Pinkus and Girogia.B.


Event Recap: Ganga Giri @ Transit Bar

30/05/2012 by Kathryn Cygan

Describing the sound of Ganga Giri is no easy feat. Before last Saturday night I had never heard anything like it. The two front men of the band took to the stage armed with a didgeridoo and some serious dreadlocks, and all eyes in Transit Bar focused on the quirky pair on stage. As the duo launched into their first song which can only be described as psychedelic tribal fusion; a crowd quickly swarmed the stage. Ganga Giri had cast their spell over Transit Bar within the first two minutes of being in the room.


Delicious twist on the classics

24/04/2012 by Rahima Saikal

It is widely acknowledged that one of the truly fabulous parts of Canberra living is finding the hidden gems, the perfect coffees, the galleries-come-bars-come-retreats from the real world; the secret Canberra that shouldn’t stay secret for long. Well then, the good news is that I have one more slice of cool to add to your arsenal of names to hurl at interstate doubters... Xchange on London.


Cooked with love

18/04/2012 by David Sharaz

With its glass exterior, plush leather couches, and urban-chic wall mural you could be forgiven for assuming you were in a celebrity's dining room rather than that of a pub. But Tongue&Groove (T&G) is in fact Canberra’s newest dining experience and as I found out upon visiting, a fantastic place to head for after work drinks and dinner.


Event Recap: Project XO @ Academy

11/04/2012 by Kathryn Cygan

All was quiet on Bundah Street last Friday evening, Good Friday in fact. The usually buzzing alfresco hotspot was empty and closed up for Easter. The glowing neons of Academy stood out on the quiet street, and like a confused moth I headed straight towards the pretty lights. Academy Nightclub is a strong supporter of Canberra’s local DJ’s, and this quiet evening was about to get a whole lot louder, as ‘Project XO’ was soon to be initiated. Project XO was an event planned by Academy to showcase three of Canberra’s up-and-coming DJ’s; DJ Eldred, XOXO and The Projectz.


A style to suit

21/03/2012 by OutInCanberra

John Hanna has been refining the look of Canberra men for more than 30 years. The store encompasses global chic with brands such as Versace Classic, Cantarelli of Italy and Strellson. But despite being home to some of the biggest international fashion houses, John Hanna is still a unique Canberra experience. John Hanna himself still manages the store and is there to greet and assist his many guests. His staff are phenomenal and expertly trained, without ever getting out a tape measure they can find the perfect suit and size for you.


Canberra's most visited kitchen

21/03/2012 by Ashley Hamilton

A long time Canberra favourite, Sammy's kitchen is located on Bunda Street and features a relaxed outdoor setting as well as restaurant dining indoors. Sammy’s is one of the best places in Canberra for reasonably priced authentic Malaysian and Chinese food. They specialise in fast turnaround, with the wait staff weaving deftly through the maze of tables to deliver food with amazing speed. The menu has a great selection of dishes, with something for even the most fussy or allergic eaters.


An alluring new bar in Canberra

14/03/2012 by OutInCanberra

Of late Canberra’s bar scene, and in fact entire entertainment offering has seen a dramatic overhaul. New trends, launches, exhibitions and themed nights seem to be popping up weekly, and there are a few that really deserve the hype. One such venue is Bellabar, set to launch on Friday March 16, and then opening to the public on Friday March 23.


Ciao Bella

22/02/2012 by Rahima Saikal

He mingled with celebrities, appeared in a Hollywood movie, and kept the home of the Rat Pack bustling well after their allure and smooth sounds had faded from the halls. Canberra’s newest import is here to liven up the bar scene with his global talent. Hailing from New Port, Rhode Island Jared Thibault is one of the most impressive mixologists on the scene today. A new bar is a launching in Canberra this March, and as an impressive addition to the aptly named Bellabar, Thibault will be adding a list of cocktails that will bring you to your knees.


Event Recap: DJ Yoda @ Academy

18/01/2012 by Dale Rosenbloom

Catching your reflection in the mirrors that greet you at the steps of Academy, you can’t help but consider the choices made leading up to this point. Thankfully I’m feeling pretty good about myself, its 11pm and I know exactly what I’ve got myself into: DJ Yoda. DJ Yoda and I have a bit of a history. He’s helped me celebrate a birthday at the 24 hour merry-go-round that is Revolver on Melbourne’s Chapel St, and more recently, New Year’s at Falls Festival. Needless to say, I don’t need much encouragement to see Yoda.