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November 25, 2015

The Workplace Christmas Party: A Survivor’s Guide

25/11/2015 by Seth Robinson

With December right around the corner, the festive season is officially upon us. It’s a time for most of us to kick back and relax, let the hair down, spend some time with the family, or take off to a far away island where the drinks come in coconut shells and the only connection to the outside world is through the free Wi-Fi. It’s also Christmas party season, which is always fun, but can also be a little hazardous, particularly here in the land of public servants.


Movie Review: SPECTRE

25/11/2015 by Sam Tremayne

People think ‘Fast and the Furious’ has a lot of sequels. Well enter Bond 24 aka ‘Spectre’. A franchise that has been running now since the 1960’s, and a film series that almost didn’t exist, is now a billion dollar juggernaut. The modern day stories of James Bond seem to juxtapose the old and the new, the continuous notion of old-fashioned spy work being outdated, to be replaced with top of the line technology, only to have our hero 007 prove them wrong and save the day once more.


Trend Alert: 70s Fashion

25/11/2015 by Styled By Francesca

The 70’s have made a comeback in huge way this season. From flared jeans, shift dresses, lace and great prints. It’s like we have stepped back in time. I can think of 100 reasons, why this is one of my favourite trends. Obviously, I can’t share all of them.


Bao That Will Rock Your World

25/11/2015 by Brian Tam

If you follow any foodies on social media, you’re sure to have come across a few mouth-watering photos of bao (those delicate, fluffy, folded-over steamed buns) in the last year or two. Originally a Taiwanese street snack (known as ‘gua bao’ and traditionally filled with pork belly, pickles and crushed nuts), they gained mass appeal when they popped up on the menu at Momofuku in New York way back in 2004, and have been getting more and more popular ever since.


Silly Season Savings at Westfield’s Super Saturday


Silly season is set to go off with a bang this Saturday at Westfield Belconnen and Westfield Woden. Round up the kids, friends and family and head down to Westfield for jaw-dropping discounts and festive activities. Check out the full day of events for Westfield Belconnen: Santa’s Breakfast Join Santa and his friends at 8am, Centre Court for a special Christmas breakfast. Complete with a live Christmas show. Bookings required. Kids Activities at Santa’s Workshop


First Taste: Helix Bar & Dining at VIBE Hotel Canberra Airport

24/11/2015 by Nic Crowther

It’s safe to say that TFE Hotels has produced two of the best looking venues in Canberra. Barely 18 months after their amazing refurbishment of Hotel Kurrajong, the dynamic company has thrown open the doors of Vibe Hotel at Canberra Airport. The stunning exterior sets the scene for the experience of entering the foyer. Sitting in Helix Bar & Dining on the south side of the ground floor, it’s fun to watch new arrivals as they spin around with eyes and mouth wide open to take in the soaring atrium with its Guggenheim-like balconies.


Cirque du Soleil: QUIDAM in Canberra this December!

24/11/2015 by OutInCanberra

The circus has a long tradition of moving from city-to-city to entertain new audiences. Only Cirque du Soleil does this on a global scale, with the ever-popular Quidam packing up the trailer in Seoul before heading to Canberra on Thursday 10 December for a run of shows at AIS Arena. For those new to Quidam, the show revolves around the story of a young, bored girl named Zoé who is alienated and ignored by her parents. She dreams up the whimsical world of Quidam as a means of escaping the monotony of her life, and is guided through her adventures by a headless man carrying an umbrella.


Dreaming of a White… or Red Christmas?

24/11/2015 by Alex Dickens

With holidays just around the corner and the stress of everything that needs to be done, including Christmas functions and New Year celebration arrangements it’s enough to make even the calmest of people hit the panic button. If you have relatives and in-laws edging in the door these holidays, put the apron down and the stress away. The festive season is meant to be enjoyed, so let Canberra Winery tours do the work while you sit back and enjoy the holidays.


Searching for Canberra’s Ted Mosby

22/11/2015 by Alex Dickens

On Friday OutInCanberra visited the University of Canberra’s Faculty of Arts and Design Graduation Exhibition on the hunt for our local Ted Mosby. Looking through the numerous designs and pin-ups, we were looking for the future of Canberra’s skyline and who was going to shape it. With keen architectural opinion at our side we discovered the 5 architects to watch out for in years to come. 1. James Topping


10 Things to do in Canberra this Weekend

19/11/2015 by OutInCanberra

With all of this amazing warm weather we've had Friday on our mind all week! This weekend is shaping up to be the perfect time to get out for some fun in the sun, with a list that is sure to have something for everyone. 1. Three Sixty Fashion Market Fashion Parade at Fitter's Workshop Kingston Saturday 21 November, from 6pm Don’t miss the excitement of the first ever Three Sixty Fashion Parade. Sustainable style on the runway – from vintage charm to cutting-edge local design. After-Party at Walt & Burley from 9:30pm