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May 3, 2016

The people have spoken: AKIBA, Australia's favourite restaurant for 2016

02/05/2016 by OutInCanberra

It’s another win for local restaurant and bar AKIBA with the much-loved venue being crowned the Australian Financial Review Top Restaurants People’s Choice for 2016.


10 Things to do this Weekend

29/04/2016 by OutInCanberra

Celebrate the end of April as we head into May this weekend. With festivals, the circus, performances and spectacular entertainment – make sure that you grab a group of mates and hit the town this weekend. Check out our top 10 tips to get you motivated. __________________________________________ 1. Mount Stromlo Public Night 7:00pm Friday 29 April Get ready for a tour around the universe at the Mount Stromlo Public Night. With talks from astronomers and amazing views – including the rings of Saturn – grab a coat, a group of friends and settle in for a night of astronomy.


A feast for the senses

28/04/2016 by OutInCanberra

A vibrant fusion of expertly curated music, iconic performances both daring and intimate, exceptional music mixed with culinary surprises – that’s the Canberra International Music Festival and it all starts today! An annual treat for Australia’s culture vultures, the 2016 festival captures the sounds and stories of the Mediterranean and features an unprecedented line up of international and local artists. For 11 exhilarating days, musicians from around the world with gather in Canberra to make music and create a feast for the eyes and ears.


Kingston's Gone Wild

27/04/2016 by Nic Crowther

As a pioneer of Kingston Foreshore, The Wild Duck has been treating Canberrans to the very best of Chinese and South-East Asian cuisine since 2012. In one of the city’s most beautiful dining rooms, diners can experience stunning food, rare and exciting wines and professional service that has seen to restaurant collect so many awards. The menu focuses on cuisines across China and throughout South-East Asia. Wild Duck resists the urge to toy with the recipes, rather relying on authentic flavours and skilled technique to create a stunning dining experience.


Timing Meals and Exercise

27/04/2016 by Lisa Donaldson APD

As a Sports Dietitian I’m often asked, “Should I eat before or after exercise?” This topic usually crops up with regard to breakfast. If you’re anything like me, then a belly full of food before a run isn’t going to be pretty… Yet, some people need a little fuel before they can even think about strapping on their joggers. I’ve put together some tips and advice to help you make the best choice for YOU and your training. Before Exercise


Movie Review: Eddie the Eagle

27/04/2016 by Sam Tremayne

The charming and heartwarming true tale of Michael aka ‘Eddie’ the ‘Eagle’ Edwards, this is a film that’ll give you happy tears and warm feels. Never taking itself too seriously – not unlike the films leading man – this biographical comedy is filled with encouraging happiness and inspires hope and optimism that anyone can achieve their dreams.


The Man Who Knew Infinity

26/04/2016 by Rylan Dawson

Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Steven Hawking, and now, Srinivasa Ramanujen. The Man Who Knew Infinity takes a look at the life of the mathematical genius we never knew about. Residing in Madras, India with his wife and mother, Ramanujen (Dev Patel) sends a letter to a Cambridge Professor named Godfrey Hardy (Jeremy Irons) sharing just a sample of his visionary originality which he claims are sent to him from God.


What your coffee says about you

26/04/2016 by Olivia Congdon

Some people look to the stars to find their true personality, others find answers in numerology, or maybe even tea leaves. But the truth is, that all is revealed simply through your go-to coffee order. So let’s delve in—what does your choice in coffee tell the world about you? __________________________________________ Flat White


New Sinology on Campus

26/04/2016 by Alex Dickens

The Australian Centre on China in the World (CIW) is based at The Australian National University. Established in 2010 with funding from the Commonwealth Government, CIW aims to lead the world in innovative and cross-disciplinary research on Chinese studies and to bring the humanities and social sciences into creative intellectual engagement. At the same time tis role is to make its research and expertise available widely to government, business and the interest public.


Celebrating CBR’s finest everyday in May

26/04/2016 by OutInCanberra

Food lovers across the capital will unite in May to celebrate the finest of Canberra food and wine. With numerous dining options on offer, OutInCanberra will play host to a diverse variety of events and festivities throughout the month as part of GourMay, where local dishes and venues will be showcased. Sponsored by The Canberra Wine House, the GourMay campaign is set to launch on 1 May 2016 to kick off the ultimate month-long showcase of the city’s local food and wine.