A decade after Zombieland became a cult classic, this unlikely makeshift family of zombie-slayers are back for more mindless fun.

Now living large in the White House, Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) have well and truly adjusted to life post-zombie apocalypse. They are safe within the extravagant walls of the presidential palace, and have plenty to keep them occupied.

But Little Rock, now 21, is desperate to leave the nest and find meaning on the outside. She laments not having the opportunity to have a boyfriend or meet people her own age – and she pulls a typical rebellious teen card by running away.

However, zombies have slowly evolved to adapt to their changing environment, becoming smarter, stronger and more brain-thirsty (enter T-800) and so the others take to the road in a minivan to find her.

For a serious zombie fan, there are some questionable decisions happening in this apocalyptic wasteland – perhaps the most glaringly obvious one: how someone as brain-dead as new character Madison (Zoey Deutch) managed to outsmart the zombies for 10 long years. Nevertheless, the crew stumble upon new face after new face to join them on their quest to Babylon; a pacifist’s safe haven where hacky sack is welcomed, but group sex frowned upon.

With a few laugh out loud moments, Zombieland: Double Tap shifts the focus from zombie-killing action to what makes for family at the end of the world. And while this sequel isn’t much of a movie, it does offer gory escapism with a very familiar feel. Like sitting down with a friend you haven’t seen for a few years (and halfway through remembering why you don’t see them that often).

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