This week we went on the search for some of the best cafes/restaurants to eat at with outdoor seating. We asked you guys what you thought and these were your top six answers. Congratulations to Rebekah Briggs, our winner for this week. A three-course meal at Tongue&Groove OutInDeal is coming your way!

For your chance to WIN an awesome OutInDeal, tell us where your favourite nursery or plant farm in Canberra is and why. Email your answer to [email protected]

Pod Food

The best place to eat outside on a gorgeous Canberra day is definitely on the deck at Pod Food in Pialligo. Not too sunny that you crave a cool breeze and not too shady that you start to freeze. Then there’s the gorgeous nursery surroundings, flowers and bright orange seats, to add to the charm as you devour your eats. Grab a plate of something nice and a crisp glass of a local white – take my advice!

-Rhiannon Kelly

Café Injoy

My favourite outdoor cafe in Canberra is Cafe Injoy at Gold Creek. I have been going there since they opened and have never had a bad meal.

-Belinda Chapman

Sage Restaurant

The best outdoor seating in Canberra is at Sage dining rooms at Gorman House, draped in fairy lights and scented blooming wisteria in the warmer months & cosy fire heaters for the winter. It also adjoins the Mint Garden Bar (amaretto sour please). One Valentine’s Day we were even able to hear a choir practice in a nearby room, luckily they were very good!

-Breeahna Murphy

Oaks Brasserie

The absolute best outdoor seating in (outside of?) a restaurant or cafe is to be found at the Oaks Brasserie at Yarralumla. It boasts wonderful views, wherever you sit and a vast array of bird-life, some of it cheeky enough to sit on a spare chair and eye your lunch. There’s enough space to make everybody’s experience intimate and you can move your tables into the sun or shade and the staff, amazingly, always find you! Not only that, the food is scrumptious!

-Rebekah Biggs

Adore Café

I think the best outdoor seating is the Adore Café at Federation Square. It’s the best.

-Penne Johnston


Tillys on a summer Sunday afternoon

-Adi Smith