Who doesn’t love good ol’ milkshakes? After all, they bring all the boys to the yard, right?

We got out and asked some local Canberrans to nominate their favourite shakes around town…. And here is the Top 5 (in no particular order)!

Chocolate Thick shake
Good ol’-fashioned get-in-my-face thick chocolate shake. You can’t beat a classic –especially one from one of Canberra’s original cafes.

San Churro
Iced Salted Caramel Shake
This is another classic with everyone’s favourite salty friend! Topped with shaved chocolate and whipped cream, because: cream.

Muddy Pât
A decadent blend of warm fudgy hot chocolate, fudge brownie, chocolate fudge, whipped cream and toasted house-made marshmallows.

Fox & Bow
A chocolate whirlwind of Ferrero Rocher-inspired goodness. One of the highlights of F&B’s recently re-launched menu (goodbye Bruno Mars – you will be missed).

Two for Joy
Nutella Milk shake
Nutella. Seriously. ‘nuff said.

Okay, so now we’ve covered a bunch of shakes for a nice day (or even a damn cold one when you’re craving it and you just don’t care). There are tons more, so let us know about your favourite so we can add it the to the list (after testing it first, obviously!).

Tell us your fave: [email protected]