This Friday, November 3, is World Sandwich Day, and Subways across the country are partnering with Foodbank to assist Australians in need.

Foodbank is Australia’s largest food relief organisation, providing enough food for over 63 million meals during 2016. After rescuing edible but surplus food from farmers and retailers, Foodbank distributes to charities and schools, who ensure that it reaches those most in need as prepared meals and hampers.

On World Sandwich Day, Subway are running their annual ‘Live Feed’, meaning you can head down to your local Subway with a mate, purchase a sandwich, salad, or wrap, and pick up a free one for your lunch buddy. Subway will then donate a meal through Foodbank Australia. How good is that?

CEO of Foodbank, Brianna Casey, expects to feed hundreds of thousands of Australians through the Subway ‘Live Feed’. “Hunger relief is such an important issue globally, as well as in Australia,” she says. “It’s terrific that Subway will be helping us put food on plates for vulnerable Australians and their families.”

Every meal donated on the day will be tracked through the Subway ‘Live Feed’ digital tracker, at The digital tracker is expected to reach the millions globally and will be displayed at prominent locations around the world. The event is supported by a bunch of your favourite Aussie celebrities, and by just grabbing a sandwich for lunch this Friday, you can help make a difference to the life of someone in need.