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Watch the webisodes that will be released to the public across 3 weeks. Each episode will follow on with behind the scenes Instagram stories.


Meet Singled Out's final six contestants as voted by you.

Watch their extended videos and get to know the locals before the first dates air Monday 8 April.

Each contestant will go on three dates as Canberra tunes in to play cupid yet again and decide which couple they want to see lock into love.

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Sarah Lamech

AGE: 25

Sarah is bubbly, outgoing, positive and fun loving. She is definitely known for her quick sense of humour and authenticity. She loves keeping busy - but also doing nothing at all on the couch. Sarah is looking for a man willing to father her children aka her cats and someone who can connect on a deep level.

Amy Jamieson

AGE: 23

Amy boasts she is up for anything - probably because she is an experienced tinder user and knows the ropes of the game. Her favourite movie is shrek and, she will go drink for drink with her date. Amy is down to earth, down for a laugh and always down for laser tag.

Tammy Bush

AGE: 28

Tammy is the happiest, most bubbly person according to her friends. She is always up for a laugh and can down a beer faster than anyone they know. Someone please show her what it feels to be in love, as she is yet to feel it. Tammy talks a big beer pong game, but don't beat her boys or you'll be dumped.


AGE: 28

While Jordan is usually a confident bloke, when it comes to love he is just bad at it. He says he would hate to watch his awkward self on a date, but so far we can't stop watching this 'spud' as he refers to himself. Ladies, you will never have to worry about your hair clogging the drain again - Jordan is a plumber.


AGE: 23

Between an engineering degree and ACT men's Premier League football, Liam enjoys cooking and cuddles on cold Canberra nights - though he can get a little sassy. Liam’s favourite Canberra event is Floriade, hopefully next Spring he'll have someone to go with other than his pet dog Clem. Liam is looking for a girl that isn't afraid to have a good laugh at herself.


AGE: 24

Brad is young male in construction who's been looking for love for years. He enjoys a sleepy tea before an early night, a beer with the boys, and spoiling someone special. Any girl would be lucky to have a chance at dating this great catch, but you would have to share that love with the boys....yeah the boys.

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