Bone Thugs N Harmony, known as one of the greatest hip hop acts of all time amazed the crowd on Friday night at the University of Canberra bar, Zierholz. Supported by DJ Frags, Dlinkunt who was accompanied by a live band and Big Dave and Kitty Ball put on an unbelievable show.

Upon arrival at Zierholz the atmosphere was loud and pumped with DJ Frags and Dlinkunt playing to a welcoming crowd. With the live band accompanying Dlinkunt it gave an added buzz to the performance.

Big Dave was on not long after where he continued to impress from the moment he entered the stage. Accompanied by Kitty B, N2W, Pug D and Eithd the stage presence was enough to bring almost everyone to the stage singing along to songs like “The Good Life” off the new album “Self Made”.

After almost an hour after Big Daves set, Bone Thugs N Harmony had still not arrived on the stage, slightly irritating the crowd, but giving everyone plenty of time to have a couple of drinks. The crowd surged to the stage when it was announced that Bone, Thugs N Harmony
would be shortly appearing cheering out their name.

As they took the stage, the wait became a distant memory for fans as they played hits such as “Tha Crossroads”, “Sweet Jane” and “Weed Song” from their numerous albums catering to their many fans. After 20 years in the music business Bone, Thugs n Harmony know how to put on a show. One fan described them as being in their prime and constantly impressed by the entire set.

Although a disappointing crowd considering such a big international act had come to Canberra, the crowd let them know they appreciated it as they yelled and cheered throughout the entire set. Many took advantage of the space jumping and dancing around nonstop during the hour long set.

Bone Thugs N Harmony gave everything back what the fans gave them as their set went off effortlessly stopping only to engage with the audience and get them involved. At one point Wish Bone took off his sunglasses as the crowd was generating too much heat. From the skill that was shown by these men, it’s easy to see why they are considered some of the best in the world for their genre.

As the band finished up and the lights came on the crowd started to disperse but a good night was had by everyone who attended and saw such an amazing set.