It’s interesting how almost within the same month we are given two superhero movies from opposing sides of the fence, both revolving around the idea of the allied heroes quarrelling against each other in some kind of domestic dispute. DC with Batman v Superman and now Marvel dishes out Captain America’s next standalone movie, Civil War – although I’d say it’s more like Avengers 2.5.

I hope Zack Snyder is taking notes because this is how you do it. Batman v Superman was a mess at best, cluttered with banal tropes and an overuse of CGI, to put it politely. Almost juxtaposed is Civil War; a film that despite an ensemble cast of over a dozen people feels grounded, well written and considered. Each character has their own path, issues to overcome and their own central questions. As well as being clever, funny and action packed the movie has impressive scenes proving you don’t need to decimate a city to achieve dramatic effect.

Key focus here is on the rivalry between comrades Captain America and Iron Man, who are at odds over the worlds new legislation putting a lid on the Avenger’s immunity from law and governance. There has been too much collateral damage from their epic battles in New York, Washington, the fictional country of Sokovia and as we see at the open of the film, in Nigeria too and the people of Earth demand accountability.

This drives a wedge in the esoteric superhero cohort; with each picking a side, ultimately believing their cause is the right one. Simultaneously, Captain’s hunt for his old friend turned brainwashed assassin Bucky Barnes aka ‘The Winter Soldier’ comes to a grinding halt after he is accused of a terrorist attack. The plot grows thicker, causing things to get physical between Team Captain and Team Iron Man, as the situation turns personal.

I don’t want to say much else and give things away – beyond urging you to see this movie if you like action films. It is probably one of – if not – the best comic book movie that has been made.

The cast is ridiculously huge, the settings are cool and stretches beyond the United States around the world, and as expected there are plenty of ‘Marvel Moments’ that had the crowd at the midnight screening I attended in thunderous applause– especially for the airport fight sequence that will go down as one of the best action scenes ever.

Marvel once again prove over DC, Sony and Fox that they are the patriarch of the comic book superhero movie genre and Civil War will reign supreme for many years to come.

Rating: 4/5

Now showing at Palace Electric