Canberra finally has its own speakeasy!

Wandering through Hobart Place among the city’s professionals, it takes a keen eye to notice the single, naked bulb hanging over the plain wooden doorway that leads to Molly. With a hesitant push of the handle, the door opens to reveal a set of stairs heading under street level, while the sounds of revelry rise up to meet you.

Once inside, the bar reveals itself to be almost hewn out of the underground, with heavy, battered columns breaking up the space so beautifully decorated with tile, wood and copper. The counter itself is a highlight; bar stools line the façade, encouraging customers to sidle up and lean on the rich, deep copper counter to watch the talents of the bar staff.

With a strong focus on quality, Molly brings a wine list with a focus designed by local aficionado and part-owner, Dean Brown. This is matched by a range of bottled beers and ciders designed to take your tastebuds on a tour around the world.

For those that love their whiskey, there is plenty on offer. Ranging from contemporary drams through the the exclusive and rare, you can work your way up to purchasing your very own bottle, which includes a membership package with a range of benefits.

A range of charcuterie is on offer to cater for the peckish, featuring the cheeses, cured meats and succulent olives. Simply grab some friends, a few drinks and settle in to one of the large booths and wait for your delivery of delicious delights to arrive.

At the end of the day, Molly is going to give you a very good reason to walk down those stairs. “We’ve put all our love into this. We can’t wait for people to enjoy it as much as we do.” says Ant Arena, for whom Molly is his second venture (having opened Playground less than two years ago).

We kind of agree, and think you will too. Head on downstairs and check it out soon!

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