ARCHIE are back with their new track Closure, out today!

The Canberra based four-piece indie pop band are kicking off the year with their funky new single Closure, a coastal disco-pop anthem for anyone who’s keen to get back on the dance floor. If you like Parcels, The Jungle Giants, or San Cisco, you’ll love this track! 

Following the success of their single Greener released in July last year, Closure explores the experience at the end of a relationship and overcoming fears of letting go. Recorded at Darling Street Studios and produced by local producer Keo, the single will be accompanied by an 80’s inspired music video directed by Nii Adjei and shot by local videographer Harry Chalker.

Oozing charisma and passion, the four cheery friends Grant, Liv, Xandy and Geromy continue to explore and refine their electrifying sound with each new track, and never fail to bring an infectious energy to their live shows. 

We chat to ARCHIE about the meaning behind the lyrics, the inspiration for the music video, and what fans can look forward to in 2022!

When did you first start writing this song and how does it feel to finally be releasing it?

The process of creating Closure began with one of Gman’s (lead guitarist Geromy Houton) song ideas originally called ‘ooftman.mp3’, created back in 2019. After testing the track out at shows, we decided to finally begin recording it in July of 2021. Now in 2022 we are so elated to have it out for the world to hear! The process was difficult at times, especially through Covid lockdowns but we had so much fun recording it with Keo at Darling Street Studios and are extremely proud of the end result!

How was the experience working with Keo and Darling Street Studios to record and produce the song?

Working with Keo has been such an important part of the song’s creation. Keo’s musical and technical knowledge around production meant that we were able to experiment with many musical ideas and bounce them off each other. A big challenge in the recording process was deciding which musical ideas flowed to fit the song. The clarity in the studio meant that those decisions came easily and naturally.

What inspired you to write Closure and can you give us some insight into the meaning behind the lyrics?

The lyrics and story of Closure were inspired by a friend’s experience at the end of a relationship and the moment they overcame their fears of letting go. Once they overcame the fear and confusion of the abrupt ending, they were able to find the closure they needed and I finally felt like I had my friend back! Hopefully the confidence and positivity of the track will help uplift others in a similar situation.

Tell us about the creative inspiration for the music video and your experience filming it.

The inspiration behind the music video came from our amazing film director Nii Adjei, who came to us with the idea after hearing the track! He had been watching some 80’s music videos and thought that the colours, costumes, editing and setting should take inspiration from that era. After we had made the decision to film in front of a green screen, we headed back into Darling Street Studios to film with local videographer Harry Chalker. We danced and partied to Closure as we filmed and it was a LOT of fun. Just quietly, we think that this music video is going to be played at bowling alleys for a long time. Stay tuned on our socials to see the preview of the music video!

What projects and shows can ARCHIE fans look forward to in 2022?

ARCHIE in 2022 looks very exciting, if I don’t say so myself! The problems that face our industry at the moment are massive but that’s not going to stop us getting our music to fans. Whether we can play the shows that we have lined up, I don’t know, but we are planning to record and release more music and really try to push our online spaces to get people to engage with us. We are excited to bring people more music that makes them want to BOOGIE!

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