This film is ambivalence personified. I am torn into two halves on my opinion of the Justice League. Like a Hemisphere split by the poles, part of me says – wow, there were some good moments, nice writing and believable chemistry and then on the contrary… the opposite; often lazy and borderline cartoonish. It is a comic book film after all, so let’s see how it compares to big brother, Marvel’s Avengers.

Firstly, the movie is infinitely better with Joss Whedon on board to assist with the script, albeit under tragic circumstances involves Director Zack Snyder. But the outcome has too many bore elements as well as delicious fruits to bolster the story, sometimes to the detriment of the serious tone with an out of place joke. Though, the pacing is consistent and for having to cover so many characters and introduce an extended universe in DC Comics, it’s a job OK done.

So a brief run-down of the plot that is used to catalyze the Justice League; Batman is assembling a team to take on some aliens who know that Superman has died and the planet is vulnerable. As per usual Earth is the centre of the Universe so all threats come here. After just enough dilly-dallying the team is together, comprised of Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and The Flash. The costume and art department has achieved the greatest accomplishment of all, making the heroes look cool when they certainly shouldn’t.

The plot, however, is not what people are coming to see this film for. It’s the explosions and fan service – but is there? Absolutely. Again on my split opinion, there are times the cinematography is that classic Snyder slow motion with beautiful colours and contrast, and then we get some of the worst CGI Green-Screen in other scenes that I’ve seen on a big budget blockbuster.

There are more than a handful of nods to future iterations, many seeds laid, and one big spoiler that re-writes the narrative of the DCU, featuring a mélange of other cast members who somehow actually get enough screen-time for us to care (Jim Gordon, Lois Lane etc.). What could have been a Jackson Pollock painting of mess and nonsense is more like a Picasso, mismatched and weird, but enjoyable.

It runs rings around Batman vs. Superman, but perhaps falls short of Wonder Woman in terms of likability, though the first ensemble outing of the Justice League is entertaining and differs in its direction to the Marvel lore, despite having some familiar plot points (like the all-powerful boxes/trinkets that must be collected).

It’s only just beginning, this could go on a long time, with plenty of standalones and sequels in the pipeline already, brace yourselves.

Justice League 6.5/10.