01oct12:00 AMThe Last Black Man In San Francisco


October 01 at 12:00 am

The Last Black Man In San Francisco


“A heartfelt tribute to both a city and a friendship.” – The Guardian

“It moved my audience to audible tears.” – Los Angeles Times

“Heart-skippingly gorgeous and exultant.” – The New York Times

Jimmie Fails IV, a black man, is a third generation San Franciscan. Having been pushed out by circumstances like many others, Jimmie, who works a low paying job as a nurse in a seniors’ care facility, returned to San Francisco three years ago and has been living in his best friend Montgomery Allen’s house that he shares with his blind grandfather, Jimmie who sleeps on the floor in Mont’s already cramped bedroom.

Despite the house, Mont’s situation is not much better than Jimmie’s, Mont who works at a supermarket fish counter while he sketches and writes a play on the side. Other black people around him who are showing their anger in also being disenfranchised from San Francisco life are the soapbox preacher who Jimmie and Mont often watch as they wait for the bus, and a group of young black men who hang outside of Mont’s house. All of Jimmie’s family, who he rarely sees, are also disenfranchised from that San Francisco life in one way or another. Sign up to be notified when tickets go on sale.