A modest but enthusiastic crowd braved another cold Canberra evening last Saturday to witness a night so dub-tastic Trinity Bar’s foundations will indeed require a re-assessment as they were well and truly ROCKED. Who by? Why, none other than the man with a PHD in Lycanthropy; the one and only: Dr Werewolf.

The night began with some bassy beats spun out by Canberra DJ duo; Styles and Hyde, who warmed up the crowd with some energized dance tracks. Interspersed with a little drum and bass and then sneaking in some Dubstep tracks towards the end of their performance made for a good show.

The mood was set, and the small group of punters were growing impatient, eager to let loose and get moving.

After Styles and Hyde’s heroic effort to break the ice and entice the wee crowd towards the decks, Skin and Bones took the reigns, throwing out as much dubstep and dance as the little crowd could handle.

Slowly, but surely the floor was beginning to fill up. Emboldened by Skin and Bone’s deafening set, the shyness melted away and the people allowed themselves to get lost in a whirlwind of bass drops and fat beats. Skin and Bones’ heavy set effectively prepared the crowd for the man we’d all been waiting for: Doctor Werewolf.

Not at all disheartened by the small gathering of punters, Doctor Werewolf treated us all to a set so deliciously dirty and loud that those who were on the floor stayed right where they were, determined not to miss a beat of Doctor Werewolf’s magic. The crowd was hooked by the first track, and after spinning out some Skrillex we were all smitten. It was love at first bass drop.

Doctor Werewolf offered words of encouragement to the crowd, a gentleman truly appreciative of those who had come to witness his antics. The crowd hungrily devoured his remixes of underground favorites, and his own dubstep productions. Their feet simply couldn’t stamp hard enough, nor their hands stretch high enough to adequately display their wild gratification.

The crowd went crazy for the expertly mixed Knife Party favourite ‘Internet Friends’ – much to Doctor Werewolf’s amusement. Other tracks that received massive reactions from the minute gathering were Nero’s never-fail party starter: ‘Me and You’, and a spectacular remix of 360’s hit ‘Boys like you.’

However, it was Doctor Werewolf’s own glorious track – ‘Trololo Man’ that received the best reaction. It was impossible not to smile, sing along and jump right into the stamping, swirling crowd. Inhibitions had well and truly been thrown out the door; leaving behind a wicked DJ and a small but deliriously happy group of Canberra dubstep lovers.

As Doctor Werewolf’s set time neared it’s end, pleas from the excited crowd enticed him to stay a little longer – spinning us some of his own new tracks as a thank you for sticking it out till the end. It seemed our small crowd’s appetite for drum and bass, dubstep and all other things Werewolf was insatiable.

Doctor Werewolf played his final track, and thanked the crowd quite sincerely. As he left, the rest of the room emptied in a matter of minutes. My friend and I were the last to leave the now strangely vacant bar.

Feeling satisfied; my dubstep quota well and truly filled for the evening, I exited Trinity Bar brimming with strange memories; of the little crowd that could, The Werewolf that rocked, and a deeper appreciation of Dubstep, drumstep, drum and bass – and oddly enough – the operatic talents of a certain ‘Trololo Man’.

Photography by Melissa Tidd