Bushland Prodigies shook the peaceful inner-north suburbs with the launch of their debut album ‘The Good Sun’ a few nights ago. 39 Steps at the O’Connor shops was the intimate and quirky setting for what can only be described as a rambunctious and rousing performance from the two young local MC’s and it was a Daddy Issues event. I didn’t know it at the start of the night, but I was quite possibly about to witness the album launch of the next big thing in Australian hip-hop.

The proceedings were kicked off by resident DJ Jordan Harrison who warmed the air by dropping his mix of head flowing beats and old school rhythm’s including Notorious B.I.G.’s Party and Bullshit. The small, but enthusiastic, crowd responded in unison head banging to the set.

Before any of the beanies, snapbacks and hoodies could collect their thoughts, the lights dimmed and Shèqua and Luv Ju of Bushland Prodigies fought their way through the eagerly awaiting crowd. Without hesitation, they dropped amazingly huge hip hop beats accompanied by enthusiastic lyrical rhyme’s and truths, that had every member inside the now packed 39 Steps, spilling beers and losing all self control in a matter of seconds.

The raw underground flow and smoothness of the pair kept the crowd in a frenzy of flying limbs, bouncing bodies and people scrambling to catch a glimpse of the duo in action. A particular love came for ‘I got the flows’ with the crowd rapping with just as much enthusiasm as the local Canberran MC’s.

Much to the disappointment of every punter, particularly the older couple up the back, the set ended just as quick as it had started. With an honest and heartfelt thank you, the boys left the stage and fought their way back through an endless line up of hugs, high fives and emotional well wishes.

Speaking to Shèqua and Luv Ju along with their record label Poetikut, it is clear the passion they have for their unique Australian hip-hop sound. In particular it is their ability to produce, record and control each and every sound on their album that makes the child-hood best friends so proud.

Before long, the energetic crowd dispersed from the friendly 39 Steps, into the crisp Canberran air. With plenty of smiles thanks to the short but very sweet set, they left excited, impressed and full of anticipation to see where this young duo will go.