Situated in the heart of Garema place, yet tucked away from the bustling crowd and the noise of the city, sees the home of Shogun restaurant. Shogun is a Japanese and teppanyaki restaurant, serving food fresh from the sea and hot off the grill.

The restaurant features a relaxed ambiance with a mix of seating arrangements, unlike other Japanese restaurants in Canberra, they offer authentic Japanese style dining where you can sit on the floor. It also overlooks Garema Place offering a great view for those seated close to the window.

As we were unable to choose just a select few dishes from the variety of their tasty offerings, the chef provided us with their selection of sumptuous treats. The menu is perfect for sharing but also offers options for those who wish to have their own meal.

The first dish we were treated to was pan seared prawn dumplings, and I must say the highlight of my meal. They were tender and crisp and wrapped in goodness, and were accompanied by a delicious sweet soy sauce.

After we had savored the sweet yet savory flavour from the dumplings, a sashimi platter was swiftly placed on our table. The spread was filled with fresh raw tuna, king fish, salmon, octopus, oysters and caviar. The platter was complimented by a Japanese mustard and soy sauce, which made for a delicious and healthy treat.

We were also treated to Shogun tempura, which offered a variety of seafood and vegetables and were lightly battered. We each received our own individual soy sauces with the dish, which made for guilt free double dipping.

Our final dish we were presented was chicken teriyaki, which was pan-fried with sweet rice wine and soy sauce. The chicken was tender thigh meat and coated in a more-ish teriyaki sauce.

Even though the restaurant was busy the waiters made you feel relaxed and were attentive. However if you don’t have time on your side and the ability to have a sit down meal, Shogun offers set lunch boxes accompanied by soup and rice for those on the go.