We Are found style-snapped Brooke on her way to her 21st.

This gorgeous lady was dressed to celebrate her special birthday in an amazing Alex Perry dress.

“I picked this dress because it is a classy statement piece. The pink and silver scream me and compliment my usual favourite colour to wear out, black – ha ha,” said Brooke.

Brooke’s favourite item to pack when going out is a clutch.

“I think a bag completes an outfit and it is one of the first things I notice with other people’s outfits.”

If Brooke only had $250.00 left to spend on a fashion item, she would sludge on shoes.

“I would definitely get a new pair of shoes. I have a slight obsession, with over 20 heels at home.”

With a love for Australian fashion, Brooke’s inspiration comes from Roxy Jacenko.