BentSpoke’s ‘Crankshaft’ is Australia’s most popular craft beer, taking the number 1 spot in GABS Hottest 100 Poll! 

Australians have cast their vote on the nation’s favourite brew. BentSpoke has taken out the number one spot in the nation’s biggest craft beer poll, with 4 of their beers being voted into the Top 20, 5 in the top 50, and the BentSpoke Crankshaft taking out the number 1 spot. 

According to GABS Festival, This year’s poll was once again hotly contested and is possibly the biggest people choice craft beer poll in the world, with a record of almost 40,000 people placing nearly 200,000 votes.

“We’re blown away that our small independent brewery from Canberra can take Crankshaft to the number one spot in Australia’s biggest beer poll. Crankshaft holds a very special place in our hearts as one of our original beers on tap when we first opened in Canberra in 2014. We are thrilled with the support for Crankshaft from Canberra and around Australia.” 

“So many of our friends and colleagues at breweries around the country have done so well in this year’s poll; we are especially proud that Canberra brewers have 12 spots in the top 100. It’s a testament to the local culture here – customers really believe in drinking good quality local beer and supporting small independent breweries.” says head brewer and co-owner Richard Watkins. 

“As a brewer, it’s always immensely validating to know that not only are we making technically good beer that wins awards but that people love to drink the beer we’re brewing all around the country.”

You can find further details on the official GABS website. Click Here.