The lineup of comedians this year is bombastic! There’s a rogue’s gallery of domestic and international acts on offer, here you won’t see this selection of talent anywhere else. Not to mention, the Wine Party on Saturday afternoon includes complimentary wine, gin and beer tasting for all ticket holders.

Andrew Hansen is known for his involvement in The Chaser’s War on Everything, and recently has been heard on MMM’s Radio Chaser. In December The Chaser’s War on Everything won an AFI Award for ‘Best Television Comedy Series’ and Hansen won an AFI Award for ‘Best Performance in a Television Comedy. During the 58 aired episodes of The Chaser’s the satirical team offended everyone from John Howard, the Canterbury Bulldogs and the N.S.W. police, and in the years since then Hansen’s devilish humour has not diminished.

Carl Barron has become one of Australia’s most successful comedians as the short guy with a big sense of humour. Having featured on The Footy Show, Rove Live, Good News Week and Thank God You’re Here.

Arj Barker has become a sort of adopted Australian over the last two decades of his back and forth tours from the States. Barker’s stint in Flight of the Concords as the hapless yet insightful Dave has made him a household name. his DVD’s include Live, Balls, Get in My Head and Organic. Last year Barker won the ARIA for Best Comedy Release.

Dave Hughes first came to our screens with the early 2000’s The Glass House and Rove Live as the tetchy, hot-headed guest with his own segment. Currently he hosts Hughesy, We Have a Problem on Network 10 where we still see the same squawking comedian but with a panel of likeminded personalities.

The British-Nigerian comedian Stephen K. Amos has been a regular for Melbourne International Comedy Festival throughout the 2000’s and appeared on Spicks and Specks and Good New Week. His DVDs include Find the Funny Live and The Feel Good Factory. His brand of political satire matched with a deadpan delivery Amos has wowed audiences all over – and the Canberra Comedy Festival is next!

The New Zealand funny-woman Cal Wilson has appeared on The Wedge, Spicks and Specks, Dancing with the Stars and The Project bringing her comedy to the TV screens for over twelve years.

Over the course of six days, this will be an event to not miss – your sense of humour will thank you.

Tickets are available through the Canberra Comedy Festival website HERE