I’ve been writing the review of Avengers: Infinity War in my head for 10 years.

Ever since Robert Downey Jr. graced our screens as Iron Man and Marvel had the gall to hint at a larger, extended universe, we all weren’t ready for what was to come. But here now in 2018 a film exists with a cast comprised of more than 70 actors, a budget so huge it could probably cure worldwide famine, and hype so real this could be the biggest movie in history.

How do you thread 18 movies together into a cohesive and cathartic picture? Luckily it’s a question we don’t have to answer, but producer Kevin Feige and directors Joe and Anthony Russo were tasked with just that and their approach is simply genius.

In many ways, Infinity War is actually the ‘Thanos’ Movie. Josh Brolin as the big bad alien villain is a surprisingly human as we watch his journey to collect all six Infinity Stones – the jewels that have kept the franchise rolling for a decade as MacGuffins in each series. His intention is to wipe out half of the life in the universe – so naturally the Avengers are like “Nah, man” and we have ourselves a war.

The story fractures and splits into three main plot lines, which is a buffet of interesting visuals, plotlines and pay-offs. I was also fooled multiple times by the screenwriter’s swerves and misdirections, and was incredibly impressed by the tone set, one that has to balance with the whimsy of Guardians of the Galaxy for example, and the spy thriller-esque of Captain America as another.

There are enough laughs and tears to send you on the feels rollercoaster and somehow most (not all) of the characters seemingly get enough time fleshed out for their own little plotlines so your favourite hero gets their time to shine.

Essentially it is your run-of-the-mill ‘hero’s journey’ but through the lens of the baddie. Avengers is also littered with so much non-stop action you’ll barely have a chance to breathe. Quite literally a comic book coming to life.

To superhero enthusiasts this movie is the ultimate fan service; we’ve been waiting to see Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) throw barbs at Spiderman (Tom Holland) or Black Widow (Scarlett Johanssen) fighting alongside Okoye of Wakanda (Danai Gurira) and we are rewarded in spades constantly – 2.5 hours of it to be exact.

It is said that for a film to be considered ‘good’ there needs to be at least five moments in it. I’m pretty sure the entire Infinity War is a moment, and has so, so many spoilers you really just need to go see it.

The atmosphere at the credits was unlike any movie experience I’ve ever had. Whether these kinds of films are your taste or not – nobody can deny that the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has dominated pop culture since 2008, and based off this movie, will continue to do so. Good luck DC…

Avengers: Infinity War – 9.5/10

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